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Abductee - Corina Saebels Speaking At A UFO Conference And The Vike Report Interviews (Videos)

To view and listen to Corina's tell her amazing encounter with a UFO and more. Please follow the below link to a number of clips. This truly is British Columbia's most amazing story on a sighting and alien abduction.

The Vike Report Radio Show - Brian Vike, The Vike Factor.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UFO - Police Officer In Texico, New Mexico Investigates Lights Over School

Date: 1970's

Hi I just read your article on the UFO sightings in the area back in the 70's. Before my Dad passed away I remember him talking about a friend of his that was a police officer in Texico. I don't remember his name, but the story was that he was called to the high school to investigate lights on the roof of the school. From what my Dad had said, is that high schoolers would on occasion clown around on the roof so he was to shoo them away. When he arrived he described what he thought were flashlights on the roof but he couldn't see anyone holding the lights and that they came down to the ground a little distance from him then flew away.

That's all I remember my Dad telling me because that was some years ago. Also I personally have some pictures that I took 2 summers ago in Portales which is 20 miles from Clovis. Nobody I talked to about these pictures seemed to believe me and they did not come out as well as I would have liked. I can send them to you if you like just so you can see the light I saw. But that is a whole other story on my part and has nothing to do with the 70's sightings.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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Colfax, Wisconsin Retired Parole Officer Observes UFO

Date: February 3, 2005 Time: Evening

Message: Last night I was driving down to the local grocery store here in Colfax, Wi when I noticed an unusual light moving erratically through the night sky. I am aware of the approach to the nearest airport and the typical movement of airliners and this object was moving fast, had bright flashing lights and was erratic appearing to stop and slow down and then moving quickly up and off again into another direction. I decided I was going to drive out of town and follow it, as it looked to be headed out near my brothers house when suddenly in my head I heard this voice say, if you follow this you could have a flat tire and then what are you going to do.

I am a retired parole officer though and also a practicing psychic and I felt compelled to follow this thing. So, I continued on the course down Highway 40 and a minute later my rear left tire blew out. Call if what you will, I think it is weird. Divine intervention perhaps. Real coincidence? perhaps. My undying investigative however will not be overcome by a flat tire the next time, and shall I observe these lights again I will no doubt do my best to figure out what the heck is going on here.

Thank you to the witness for the report.
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St. John's, New Foundland RCMP Reports UFO Hovering Over Police Vehicle

Date: 1969 Time: 2:00 a.m.

Message: I was reading an article on line contained in the St. John's newspaper the Telegram about UFO's. This goes back some years when I was a member of the RCMP stationed in St. John's, NL. It would be in 1969 when another Police Officer and I were on Night Patrol just outside of St. John's at around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. It was at a little jute overlooking the ocean in Middle Cove/Outer Cove, NL area. We noted a very bright white light hovering over our police vehicle and had no idea what it was. At different times it would change colours ie bright white, than red, than green , back to white red etc. We would put our police car red light on and it would turn red.

We would put our police car's siren and whopper on and it would imitate these sounds. It would be over us one minute and than over the ocean and than back over us. We had our night desk man check with the St. John's airport to see if anything was showing up on radar , but nothing was. We played with this UFO for about 1/2 hour and as suddenly as it appeared it left . One minute it was there and than it was just a bright white beam of light leaving. It traveled out of our sight faster than one could snap ones fingers. Hope this may be of some use to you. I don't know what it was but it sure wasn't earthly, as far as I could tell or am concerned.

Thank you to the witness for the report
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RCMP Observe A Large Glowing Gold Saucer At Granisle, British Columbia

Date: October 22, 2002 Time: 10:25 p.m.

(Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: Granisle is a small town 45 minutes northeast from where I live in Houston, British Columbia, Canada. Granisle has a population of 400 residents and the main industries are tourism and logging. Once the site of a copper mine. (Granisle Copper & Bell Copper) who had two large open pit mines).

I was contacted by a gentleman (RCMP Officer) recently who gave me quite a story. The witness was with another fellow driving north just a couple of kilometers south of Granisle, B.C. (their exact location when they viewed the craft was at Topley Landing). The two large forest companies here in Houston have a barge which runs back and forth across Babine Lake carrying logging trucks. The old Bell Copper mine is directly across the lake from the witnesses position. An approximate guess would be a 3/4 to 1 mile between the craft and the witnesses.

The officers observed a large glowing orange/gold almost saucer shaped (oval?) object hovering right over top the old Bell Copper mine. They said it was very low to the ground. At this point they pulled over to have a look and to try to figure out what they were seeing. As they watched the object hover, it would rise up very slowly and come to a complete stop, move sideways then stop and drop down roughly the same height from the ground when the witnesses first saw it.
Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: I asked if they witnessed any type of light coming from the object, meaning a downwards beam of light. They both told me no, no lights were seen coming from the object. They did say that it almost looked as if every time the object moved to another position and dropped back down, it seemed to them the light intensity grew from the object while it stayed stationary. At "one" point the object moved out over the lake and stopped for a few seconds, then went back over top the mine once again.

They mentioned they heard no sound at all, but keeping in mind that the two fellows were some distance away from the object when viewing it. (Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: I asked them if they could give me an approximate size of this UFO). Their rough estimate was about the size of the Moon (maybe a hair smaller). They also said there were a few other cars and trucks that passed by them at the time, but no one stopped.

But they did say that everyone traveling the highway had to have seen it, you couldn't miss it. They said the area around the object, (ground area) was lit up for some distance. Also due to the brightness of the craft it cast it's reflection on the lake. The men watched this event for approximately 7 minutes before it rose up and left slowly heading north, still at a low altitude and out of their sight.

(Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: I found this a very interesting case to work on. Three things came to mind. Why was this craft sitting over the old Granisle/ Bell Copper mine? Why did it move and stop over top of the lake? Why did the intensity seem to grow when it moved to a new position and hover? Actually I have a million questions I could think of to ask, but who?
I am not sure if I can gain access to the mine, but I am going to check into it, as I would love to take a drive out to have a look around. Also something to keep in mind, Granisle Copper & Bell Copper mine's sit on an island on Babine Lake. Since the mines have been closed for sometime it may be hard to get onto the property.

Also rumors have been floating around that one of the companies were thinking of going back in and high grading the remaining ore. One other note to this story which may be of interest. On the mine site there have been a good number of fossils found, one which has brought a lot of attention has been the Mammoth.
Bones have been found, and also were buried by the mine some time ago when it was in operation. From a newspaper article in the Smithers Interior newspaper a while back the company thought it best to not have their mining operation stopped, or slowed down by having folks digging for these fossils.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

City Of Toronto Police Officer Witnesses A Huge UFO

Date: Fall 2004
Time: Approx: 2:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: East Toronto.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Large gold ball glowing no tail.

Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: The police officer mentioned that he texted his radio dispatcher by way of the computer enquiring if any other reports had been received over the object he witnessed. The dispatcher confirmed that some other folks had made calls over the sighting. So if anyone remembers back and had seen this object would they please contact Brian at Thank you.

Full Description of event/sighting: I am a Police officer employed by the City of Toronto Ontario. I have been so employed 29 years. In the Fall of 2004 in the afternoon I was assigned the traffic enforcement detail. To do this I use a Laser speed measuring device. In the afternoon I was on a major north south road in the city's east end. I was seated inside my parked auto facing north. I was looking at the heavily overcast skies when something caught my eye. I looked directly overhead and saw a large golden orb.
It glowed but had no discernable tail. It was within the clouds but the bottom of the orb was slightly lower and visible. The clouds were low, but I could tell this object was huge. It moved northbound at a high rate of speed causing a wake in the clouds. I could see it was indeed an orb from a distance before it went out of sight. In 4 - 6 seconds it was gone.

After several minutes I texted my radio dispatcher by way of the computer and asked if there were any calls for a meteor or lights in the sky. The dispatcher after several minutes confirmed some calls did come in regarding lights in the sky. I kept my sighting to myself and made no report to my superiors. I fully expected something in the evening news about a meteor in the sky. There were no news reports to my knowledge. Before this incident I had little interest in UFO sightings etc.

Thank you to the officer for the very interesting report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

South African Police Fire At UFO In Breaside Fort Beaufort, South Africa

Please note that permission has been granted to leave the report as is, with name intact.

Date: June 26, 1972 Time: 10:00 (?)

Location of Sighting: Breaside Fort Beaufort. Number of witnesses: 12 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Oval.

Full Description of event/sighting: Incident were reported by others previously. I was then a sergeant in the South African Police and witnessed the sighting. I was the policeman who fired shots at the object with a .303 rifle and hitting it together with (name removed), who was the owner of the farm. What I still cannot understand is that how could be possible that the object have vanished into thin air without we who were watching the spot not being able to see it taking off.

Thank you to the witness for the report. (Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor will be requesting more information if possible).

Additional Information:

Hi Brain

In 1972, I was a sergeant in the South African Police, with eight years of service, in the small South African town, Fort Beaufort. The morning of June 26, I received a report of an object which appeared on the farm Breaside, which belonged to a Mr. Bennie Smit. At that stage I did not know Mr. Smit well. I persuaded the Station Commander, Warrant Officer Philip Van Rensburg to accompany me to the scene. On the farm we met Mr. Smit and some of his workers including a worker by the name of Boer de Klerk.
Boer told us that during the morning when he was in the veld at the reservoir when he witnessed a round "ball of fire" which changed in colours, hovering about 20 meters above the ground and which were slowly moving in the direction of the hill, which separates the farm from the Fort Fordyce bush.

On our arrival we did not witness any suspicious objects. We did the initial investigation and were skeptical. At that stage we were seven people. Four laborers, 2 policemen and Mr. Smit. Whilst we were standing looking at the hill which were 150 meters from us, I saw an object which emerged from the thick bush and vegetation at the foot of the hill and hovered just above the vegetation.
It moved slowly to our right and again disappeared behind the thick bush. It did this movement a couple of times and I had the feeling that we were being watched. Mr. Smit had a .303 rifle with him and I decided to take a shot at it. The object was oval shaped and it was difficult to estimate the size of it. It might have been just over a meter in diameter.

It had a shiny dark metal grey colour. I fired three shots at it, hitting with each shot.Mr. Smit also fired at the object. During firing at it, I saw a sharp bright light, flickering on the right of the craft, just above it. During the shots it also disappeared and emerged again from behind the trees.
It was in broad daylight after 10am in the morning and the weather was clear. Mr. Smit and some of the workers went into the bush with a handkerchief, tied to a stick enabling us to direct him. We noticed that the object moved away as if it were reacting to our voices giving direction to the searchers. I heard further shots coming from close to where we last seen the object disappeared and Mr. Smit enquiring if we could see it. We kept observation but did not see its departure. According to Smit who claimed that they came close to it.

The object turned upright and became a greyish white in colour before it veered of making a whirring sound. It just disappeared. The following day we combed the area with other police officers and found nine evenly spread circular imprints about 10cm in diameter in the soil directly from where we saw it disappearing behind the bushes. The imprints were in hard clay soil easily 25 - 30 mm deep, as if the legs were spiraled in the ground. Samples were taken and send to the Council for Scientific & Industrial research Laboratories. Apparently it never reached them.

Also of interest is that a couple of days later in the evening the town engineer Dr. D. Verschoor, interrupted a Council meeting to show the councilors a UFO flashing in colours as it moved in the direction of the Fort Fordyce bush and Breaside

On Saturday 8 July during the night, Mr. Smit heard a loud explosion on his farm. On investigation the next morning he discovered that his reservoir, which were constructed of brick and cement were shattered and large concrete blocks were lying up to 20 meters away from the actual site. Another mysterious incident, never solved.

Thank you again to the witness for this amazing report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Bright Orange Light Over Bradford, UK

Date: October 27, 2009
Time: 5:30 p.m.

I should just like to report my sighting yesterday evening. I had just finished work and went to Tesco in Great Horton Road. I came out of there at 17.30 and whilst packing my shopping noticed this bright orange light in the sky coming from the direction of Moore Ave. It seemed to go down over the roof tops toward Great Horton Road and I thought, that is not an aircraft! It gained height again and came over the car park. It was completely silent as I looked up so did everyone else - exclaiming what the hell is that. It disappeared towards the city with folk shaking their heads.

I came home and immediately emailed Paul Hudson at BBC Leeds but he is away until 2nd Nov. I then put this on Facebook to receive some very rude comments about how I lost it! Have not heard or seen anything in the media today but am so glad having put it into Google tonight that I had not lost the plot and your description of your sighting mimics mine. Regards.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adkins, Texas Bigfoot Sightings

Date: July 17, 2008
Time: 10:15 p.m.

Location of Sighting: My yard.
Number of witnesses: Many
Number of objects:
Shape of objects: Bigfoot.

Full Description of event/sighting: The lead in story reads like a normal night around my house. My family and I have smelled or seen this thing on many occasions. We are missing cats and sometime the cats we have left all come to the porch and will not get down until the smell goes away. Tonight I went out to place some table scraps on the patio for the wild animals and when I stood up this thing, whatever it is was 10-12 feet from me.

The ground it was on was about 1-1.5 feet lower than where I was standing and it was the same height as me. I stand 6 feet, so this thing would be near 7.5 feet tall, and an easy 3 feet or more wide. I have always been a very physical person and this thing made me feel about as tough as a preschool girl. I did not have a good light source so I did not get a good look at it.

We have heard it growl several times in the night sometimes right outside of our windows. This was not the first time we have seen it but it was certainly the closest. We are starting to feel like prisoners in our own home. We can not go out after dark without feeling watched. There are other reports in our neighborhood of missing pets. All small animals.

We have not found any tracks but we have not felt safe enough to go tromping through the woods with this thing out there. The next door neighbor has experienced some of the same things we are experiencing. We live in a heavily wooded area and wild animals coming up is not uncommon but this is a little extreme.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Bigfoot Sightings Continue Out Of East Texas

I've had a few strange encounters since we moved back to E. Texas, not with UFOs but with Bigfoot. He was here when we moved in the house I bought. It's located between two forests and a gravel pit near by. A lot of weird things were happening, noises, bumps , tin beating on barn, etc. Then one night my son & I heard a noise I can't explain, we jumped up, got the big flash light, and along with the dog we ran out back, it was about 1:30 am. My son shinned the light above the tall grass. This was Sept. 17, 2007.

We didn't see anything so Sierra and the German Shepherd walked around to the front where his truck was parked. I stayed in the back alone, leaning up against my Ford Ranger looking toward the north. About that time I could see something light in color rising up out of the tall grass behind a dead tree limb lying on the ground about 10 feet. from me.

This thing rose up, up, up and kept rising. I began talking to myself and rubbing my eyes. The creature must have been over 8 feet tall and maybe 3 feet wide. It really surprised me. I know it was a Bigfoot, but the whitish color threw me off. He stood there about 7 or 8 seconds looking at me. I couldn't say a word, I was so scared. Then he turned and ran away in a northerly direction.

The horses in the pasture started acting up and the dogs at the neighbors began barking. I tried to feed him, and I bought a security camera but I've never gotten any pictures. I covered some of the windows in the living room and one night I heard him growl after I covered the window.

By the paths around the grass and bushes, I think he was looking in the window at me. My son heard him growl outside the bedroom window and I heard him growl outside the bathroom window. Last week, the dog outside barked and ran scared, I got the flash light and shinned it across the street in front of the house. I saw his eyeballs looking at me for a few seconds then he slowly lowered himself behind the large round bales of hay.

I also know where he lives, I hiked into the woods and say several piles of human like feces, with persimmon seeds and animal hair resembling my gray cat that mysteriously disappeared. You know Brian, you may not believe me, but it's kind of strange having a creature wandering around your place every night.

Hope all is well. Sincerely.

Thank you to the eyewitness to this ongoing sighting of the creature.
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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Bigfoot - A Large Brownish Red Creature Ran Across The Road

About Bigfoot, It is my second encounter, in 1986 a large brownish red creature ran across the road in front of me and (name removed) when he was in the first grade. Apparently he knew where we lived because at night I began to feel I was being watched. About 3 or 4 weeks later, the dogs in the kennel in the Corral barked all night, finally at 3:00am I went out to let the dogs out, everyone in the house was sleeping.

I went out, opened the gate, took about 10 steps toward the kennel and he (Bigfoot) screamed (yelled) at me. It was the scariest sound I've ever heard, I stopped and said OH Sh--. then I ran to the pen and the dogs passed me running into the house. The next morning I went out to the corral and he had broken a cedar post off that had been set in concrete for 2 years, so I think he left his calling card.

At sundown here, you can go out and hear them hollering to each other. One will yell in one direction and another one will answer him, then another one will answer that one from another direction. So, there here. I have feelings for them, and I've learned a lot. I believe this particular one lives underground.

I know where. He has to be underground because he lives near people, and hunters are everywhere during hunting season, so I feel he goes underground at day break and comes out at sunset. He gets very frustrated and beats tin on the barn and it sounds like King Kong. My son has had different experiences with Bigfoot also. As for me, I think BF is curious about me, and I think he watched me through the windows when we first moved into this house. This is getting a little long, I'll write you more later. Think about what you want to do.

Thank you to the witness for their report. Also if all goes OK, I will be interviewing this witness for the Vike Report Radio Show. I know this interview will be something to hear. Making arrangements for this now.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Sasquatch Sighting At Campbell River, British Columbia

Date: August 31, 2008
Time: Midday.

Location of Sighting: Campbell River.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: 7 feet tall.

Full Description of event/sighting: My husband and I were camping in Campbell River BC. for the labour day weekend. We were quadding down a logging road when we seen a 7 ft. tall creature walking down the left side of the road going in the same direction as us. It was about 200 ft. in front of us. At first I said it must be a bear but it was walking on two feet. It had brown hair all over. It turned sideways and looked at us and quickly walked into the bush. It walked upright like a man swinging long arms by its side. We were in awe of what we seen but knew exactly what it was. We seen a sasquatch! August 31st 2008.

Thank you to the witness for their sighting report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Head Pond (Madawaska River) In Arnprior Ontario Meteor Sightings

Date: October 25, 2009
Time: Between from about 6:15 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Good morning Sir; I am curious to see if anyone else noticed a very large “shooting star” or “meteor” on Sunday morning. I was hunting ducks on the Head Pond (Madawaska River) in Arnprior. We had witnessed a lot of shooting stars between from about 6:15am to 7am, all of which were fast moving and fleeting. My son pointed out one in particular at 7:05am (I checked my watch afterwards), it was traveling South to North West, and very slow moving.

I actually counted to 10 as I watched what was the most impressive and spectacular thing I have seen falling from the sky!! The object was on a shallow trajectory, had a very long tail, brilliant blue and white light, very much like magnesium burning. What made it even more impressive was the pieces of debris breaking off of it as it was streaking past. No less than a half dozen large pieces broke free and fell behind the main body, also burning as magnesium.
Thank God my son was there because I would have though I was losing my mind!! Just curious to see if anyone else had reported anything? Thank you for your time!

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Naugatuck, Connecticut Bigfoot Or Something Else ?

Date: June 3, 2008
Time: 1:30 or 2:00 a.m.

Message: I don't want to sound fanatic and hopefully there is a good explanation to all this. I live in Connecticut and not sure what I heard last night at approx. 1:30 a.m. The backyard of my home faces the woods. My backyard is several yards from a sharp ravine that slopes down to into the woods and to a stream. Not too far from the stream is a reservoir located in a wooded area. With my window open last night, I heard what was like a whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop sound coming from the woods in the back of my house. At the same time, I heard a loud pitch screeching noise more near my house that nearly shook me out of bed. It seemed liked the screeching sound was closer to my home than the whooping sound. I know the woods could house many wild animals due to the stream in the back.

I haven't got the foggiest clue what I'm hearing back there. Another time, my husband and I heard sounds in the wee hours of the morning what sounded like sounds coming from a jungle (almost like a large bird). But it seemed like there were two of these things communicating with each other. Do you think these are animals instead of birds. I don't know of any birds awake at 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. Thanks for your help.

Additional Information:

Thank you for your response. My county is Naugatuck. The woods is adjacent to our stretch of homes in the back of our park. Unfortunately, I didn't have a recorder handy, but neither was I expecting this type of event. I asked my neighbor if she heard anything last night (June 3, 2008) but she heard nothing. She did say at times she hears strange animal noises but not to this liking. I would like to explore the ravine for footprints, but it's so steep and dangerous. Do you think a large animal similar to Bigfoot could be present in the area? It's kind of strange, but the whooping sound almost sounded mechanical instead of humanlike. I know we have a water treatment plant in back of the stream, but I don't think the sound came from the plant. I will keep a tape recorder handily just in case another sound pops up.

Also, just another piece of information, a couple of weeks ago, I heard some strange noises (between a clicking and cawing, different sound, but hard to explain) coming from woods in my backyard. This happened same time around 1:30 -2:00 a.m. It sounded like these two 'things' were calling out to each other from a distance. I really didn't pay much attention to these noises, but since last night's episode, I'm rather curious now. Hope I'm not alone hearing these things. Please let me know. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Milburn Lake Large Human Like Footprints Discovered In The Snow

Date: 1980 Time: N/A

The third strange thing to happen around Milburn Lake took place in 1980. A friend and I were snow mobiling on the lake and decided to go onto the shore by a place we knew as Ricens Cabin. It was a burnt out old log cabin where kids would ice fish or in the summer swing on the Tarzan swing. Any ways we had gone ashore on the sled when we became stuck in deep snow. I jumped off to find a stick or something to help lift the sled out. As I approached the remains of the cabin, I noticed there were, what looked to be human foot prints in the snow, only they were naked foot prints and were very large.

There was only one set of tracks and the stride had to be double that of mine. I called my friend over to show him what I had found. After seeing the tracks he thought discretion was the better part of valor and we beat a hasty retreat back out onto the ice and away from the trees. This ends my weird stories about Milburn Lake and the mountain.

Please I would like to here from any one who has had similar experiences around there or who has heard anything similar.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Brothers Cross Paths With Sasquatch At Campbell River On Vancouver Island, B.C.

Date: Mid to late 1970's

It has been many years that have past, since, me and my brother had a Sasquatch cross our path. It happened in the mid to late 70's in the Campbell River area. As the junior school had been destroyed by fire we had to go to the senior high. Our schedule was from 1:00-5:00pm. On our way to school we would take a short cut to school through a patch of forest. As we used to live in the Prince George, Hixon, B.C. area and we had forest smarts. Respect the forest and the creatures that call it home. Anyway for the longest time on our trek to school through this patch of forest it was like half way through like clock work the hair on the back of our necks would tell us to run.

Every day we would come up with some lame reason for this unknown terror. Yet being winter it would be dark on our way home at 5:00pm. We without question would always take the long late way home. Seeing nothing we soon forgot our experience until sometime near the end of spring break when me and my brother took a go-cart I had built in metalwork up to this area near the tree line and area of mystery. At that time a subdivision was in the works. There were 3 hills perfect to coast from the top to the bottom without cars to worry about. It was nearing dark when my brother asked if I wanted to ride the hills one more time before it got dark. I agreed to this then looked straight up the 3rd hill as I was steering while he pushed and rode on back.

To our surprise and instant fear just as we are to head up the last hill this huge dark creature crosses in front of us about a short half block away. All I really remember is it took 3 quick steps across a 30 to 32 foot wide roadway. The hair on the back of my neck did the straight thing and my brother did a speed record in running home. As short this experience was and the terror felt we never discussed our experience until many years later. My brother doesn't really like to talk about the subject our some of the other things that happened in our younger years. Looking back this creature could have grabbed either one of us if it wanted to. My feeling is the creature was curious it may have even been trying to make contact. One weird thing re: the forest run through, was I noticed was the forest was littered with small bits of food wrappings. Almost like someone was licking food off the wrapping then spitting it out in small pieces, as just this one area was littered with this trash.

Since moving to the Nanaimo area my interest has been sparked by other experiences told to me by others and different info gathered, plus seeing a couple UFO's one being a little too close for comfort. As some believe the two are related I'd have to agree to a point on the other hand I'd would also have to say that humans are just as much a alien species. This story is pretty tame, but the experience never leaves you even if many disbelieve. All I know if I was in the forest and there was a Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot or a ground burrower around I would know. These creatures are not the stupid animals, many put them of to be. Also as most natives think they are just spirit beings they are not as they have more weight and being then given credit. Have to get back to work so if you have any inquires let me know and I will keep in touch as there is more. Also I may send you through the mail some other info that you may or may not have to hopefully understand the reason for the secrecy regarding these naked creatures of the forest.

Thank you to the witness for relating his story.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Sasquatch Roams The Forests In Northwestern, British Columbia

Does a large hairy covered humanoid roam the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest ? Changes are more likely that you will encounter this creature close to civilization than in the deep woods. If very lucky it may even be in your own back yard. This creature was no stranger to the first nations people of western Canada and the U.S. In fact the name "Sasquatch" loosely translated means "Wild Man of the Forest". It's tracks and sightings have been made from the mountains ranges in northern California to the tundra of the Yukon and Alaska. To the none natives in the U.S., it is called "Big Foot", and in the Himalayas the "Yeti". A recent T.V. program on the learning channel revealed that a dozen other countries, including Australia have similar creatures with their own names.

In this article we will only cover our own area. For obvious reasons many peoples names and some locations cannot be given. Also the sightings will be given in the order that they were received in the late 1960's a veterinarian by the name of Dr. Proctor opened a clinic on the 4600 block on Lakelse Ave., just east of the Bank of Montreal. In the front window there was a pair of large plaster cast footprints. When he was asked for the reason of the display of these footprints, the reply was that he was very interested in this creature. The sight of these big feet may bring in more information and it did.

Sighting # 1

In 1974 a friend and I applied for two expired gold placer leases on Lorne Creek, 30 miles east of Terrace, British Columbia, on the railroad side of the river. The boat used to cross the river was tied up at Jim's place on the highway side of the river. Since there were grizzly bear in the area we carried rifles. In shooting the breeze one evening, we asked Jim what kind of wildlife was in the area. Of course there was Moose, but recently he had seen something different. While doing some work there he spotted a moving patch of brown a short distance away. Curious as to what it may be, he sneaked closer. It appeared to be a brown colored bear that had its back towards him and was standing up on its hind legs eating Saskatoon berries, however, it was using its front paws like hands. The last cover was 50 feet from this creature and this was as close as he could get. from this point he saw that the paws were hands and this was not a bear, but some kind of hair covered human like creature a little over 6 feet tall. Also it had a very strong odor that reminded him of a camel smell when he once worked in a circus. After about 10 minutes the creature sensed that something was near it and turned sideways and spotted Jim who then saw it was a female as it had breasts. The creature then just trotted off.

It was then Jim's wife spoke up. The pervious summer about the same time of the year she was home alone. Suddenly their two tied up watch dogs raised an awful commotion, more so than if a bear was around. Stepping outside she saw through the trees about 100 yards away skirting the yard a large black bear walking on it's hind legs. She knew a bear didn't walk on it's hind legs. This couple were told of Dr. Proctors interest and if they would be willing to grant him an interview if he came out. They agreed and he was notified. Later on down the street I asked him how he made out. His reply was that it certainly appeared that this is what they saw.

Sighting # 2

This also occurred in 1974. At that time the new highway bridges into Terrace had reached a point in construction where it was safe for the public to inspect them after working hours. Taking advantage of this, Dick and a friend decided to cross to Ferry Island from the Terrace side and explore it. On the river bank they found fresh large footprints. They went back and picked up some plaster of paris and a camera. After the casts were made a through search was made for the creature but it was not seen. They kept their find a secret until they were sure it was no longer around. It is quite possible that this was the one that was seen at Lorne Creek.

Sighting # 3

This took place near the end of January at one of our local landfills. At about 2:00 AM a worker returned to the landfill to pick up a set of keys that had been left in a piece of equipment. As he was walking past the area where the last dumping was, he saw a figure crouching amongst the garbage. He called out with a "hello there, what are you doing in the dump at this time of the night." The figure stands up and this worker who was about 100 feet away was amazed at it's huge height and size. It stood at over 10 feet tall. The creature turned and looked at the worker, then just walked out to the bush at the rear of the landfill, looking back several times to see if it was being followed. When it was a safe distance away the worker went to the spot where it was first seen. The footprints were 5 feet apart, further than the worker could spread his legs. Also it walked through 2 feet of snow as easily as a human could walk through ankle deep snow. It was learned later that 2 days after this sighting, a similar sighting, maybe of the same creature was made at Usk about 12 miles east of Terrace.

Sighting # 4

This took place around 1950. Two logger brothers set up a bush sawmill on the Babine Lake road just out of Smithers. The staff and workers built cabins to be near the mill. One Sunday having nothing else to do, the younger brother decided to do a little exploring in the woods. Coming across a game trail, he decided to follow it. On the trail were giant footprints that looked like those made by a large grizzly bear, but they had no claw marks on their ends. Also the steps were 5 feet apart and still 4 feet apart even when going up a steep hill. The logger was 6 foot, 2 inches tall and could barely match the stride by stretching his legs to the limit. Even when going up the hill his steps were only half as long.

While following the tracks he noticed the trail was littered by a lot of fresh stripped twigs. Looking up he saw all the alder trees up to 20 feet on both sides of the trail had all of their upper branches stripped bare. The taller 20 foot trees had 4 inch trunks near the ground. It was very evident that this creature was big and strong enough to bend over these trees to get at the tender tips, leaves and buds on he top branches. The twigs that broke off were spit out like humans do with fruit or berry stones. When the logger tired to bend these trees he could hardly move them.

Sasquatch researchers have long speculated what these creatures ate, and especially during the winter time in the woods. So far two things were mentioned, Saskatoon berries and alder buds and shoots.

Sighting # 5

This took place around 1980. two men were driving to Kitimat one summer morning. Coming down the airport hill they could see a ground fog over the William Creek flats. This was a 2 mile fairly straight stretch of highway that was built over a swampy area that was part of the north end of Lakelse Lake. The grade or fill here varied between 5 to 6 feet high. As the car came around a slight bend at the bottom of the hill they could see arms waving in the fog ahead of them. Thinking that someone had gone off the road they prepared to stop. Since it was foggy the driver had to get over the white line and right on the shoulder. When the vehicle was still several car lengths away from the figure, the passenger who told me this story saw that it was not human. It was a very tall hair covered human like creature that was standing in the water at the foot of the grade and was facing the highway. When the car came to a stop they were alongside the creature. The creature's head was level with the occupants in the car and about 5 feet away from the passenger. After a brief moment the creature's eyes and mouth opened wide in terror. The head was thrown back and it's arms crossed over the front of it's head as to be warding off a blow from a club. It then turned around and dashed into the swamp, going at times through waist deep holes of water until lost in the fog and leaving two stunned men in the car.

While mulling over this story I measured the eye level height off the road in a similar type of car and it was 4 feet. Since the grade shoulder would have sloped a bit it would have been about 5 feet above the water. The creature was standing in water halfway to it's knees. Adding up each foot of height on my fingers took all ten of them. This was followed up by another visit where two questions were asked. The first was if the creatures face was relatively free of hair as we see on the T.V. shows of the chimps and apes. The reply was that the face was covered with hair much the same as a full beard would be on a man. The next question was, "did you see the dished face of a chimp or ape or was it more human like"? The answer was that I saw a human face. It definitely was not the face of a chimp or ape.

What apparently had happed here was the Sasquatch was feeding on the brush on the road grade as it was standing in the water. The movement of the arms through the fog was the creature reaching out and pulling the bushes towards himself. Like most wild creatures it did not pay much attention to the traffic as they went by at highway speed. However, if you slow down much or stop, then they are gone. You can imagine the creatures surprise when this large object suddenly stopped in front of it.

Sighting # 6

This sighting was from a lady now living in terrace, B.C. in 1985, she was living in the Queen Charlotte Islands in a cabin by the Honna River. One afternoon an acquaintance stopped by to tell her of a strange event he had just witnessed. He had been fly fishing further along the river when a very tame Deer came out of the woods near him to drink from the river. he had stopped his casting to admire the Deer. Suddenly a rock flew out from the trees, striking the Deer and knocking it down. This was immediately followed by a very tall hair covered human like creature who threw the Deer over it's shoulder and dashed back into the woods. Of course this took the pleasure out of further fishing and he didn't want to stick around with the rock chucking ape in the vicinity. This is the first that I heard of the Sasquatch being on these islands. According to this lady, the local native people speak quite openly about them. Now if anyone is curious whether or not this Deer was roasted, just read on.

Sighting # 7

This took place in 1967. Fred arrived in Canada in 1960 along with a flood of German immigrants. In 1967 he was in the Houston area where he had joined an outdoor club. In the fall Fred went hunting because it was a man think to do. This is an urge that harkens back to a dim and distant past where humans had to hunt in order to survive. A favorite place to hunt was on a prospector trail that ran up a mountain in the direction of Kemano in the Bower Lake area. This weekend Fred was only accompanied by a medium sized dog as he was after a young Moose that he could drag back down the trail himself. Halfway up the mountain he ran into a fresh fall of snow a foot deep. Suddenly he was hit with a very strong pungent odor similar to a large decaying carcass. He was up here the weekend before and there was nothing like that here. When he tried to go on, the dog laid down on it's belly blocking his way. When he tried to go around the dog, it crawled forward continuing to block his way.

Fred then climbed up on top of a rock that was beside the trail but he could see nothing ahead. However, he decided to heed the dogs warning and headed back down the mountain much to the dogs relief.

In sighting # 7 Fred had moved to Terrace in 1974. During that summer he visited another German immigrant family with 8 children who were living in an acreage community of Rosswood about 30 miles north of Terrace. There was a houseful of guests that day and the hosts had a strange story to tell. The previous winter had a very heavy snowfall. In March the snow was still 4 feet deep but hard enough to walk on. The snow had melted away from around the smaller jack pine trees to leaving them sitting in holes in the snow. During the Easter school holidays the children saw two hair covered human like creatures about 100 yards behind the house. One was an adult and the other a youngster about half as tall. It was presumed that the larger one was the mother but it kept its back to the whole family who were watching from the back of the house. These two figures were going from one small jack pine to another, picking and eating the needle tips of the branches. Here we have another item on their menu.

Two days later on the afternoon a large passenger airplane without wings, tail or engines, and making no sound, flew very low and slow, following the path that these creatures had taken. In my correspondence with UFO*BC they had mentioned having a number of reports from people who had seen a Sasquatch and a UFO in the same area around the same time. They were wondering if there as some kind of connection between them. It is my feeling that the aliens are every bit as curious about these creatures as we are.

This covers the verbal stories collected so far. The remaining printed stories will be photo copied.

A local moose hunter once mentioned that he could easily have shot a Sasquatch. However, it looked so human like that he didn't dare. Although it would have been a real boom to science, he was concerned that he could be charged with man slaughter if it would be classed as a sub human by these scientists. This question was put to the homicide department of the local R.C.M.P. The reply was that they couldn't answer this question and refered me to the crown prosecutor. His statement was the same as the police, so the next visit was to the game warden. According to him the Sasquatch was not a game animal, so it has nothing to do with his department. If one was shot and declared a sub human, then it would be up to the police and courts to deal with it.

It seems here that the safest thing to do would be to capture one alive. If it turns out to be some form of human, then it could always be turned loose. However, if it realizes that it can just laze around and still be fed, it may not want to leave. If food is put out for a homeless dog or cat, it sticks around.

The next question would be, where doe the Sasquatch fit in to the scheme of things. It appears that this was one of natures experiments in evolution that got stuck in a rut. Anyone that listens to the news and watches the T.V. educational channels will be aware the oldest human bones found go back almost 6 million years. Here we have an upright walking primate that was very good at climbing trees. However, its brain was the same size as the primates that were still walking on their hands as the chimpanzee does today. The chimp branch had forked sometime earlier with each branch then going its own way. With the upright walking primates the hands were now free for other tasks and the brain began to increase in size to accommodate this dexterity. As these hands were used more and became more skillful, the greater the brain increased in size until two distinct species had developed.

Somewhere near the beginning of this separation a third branch had spouted between these two species. This primate also walked upright but it's brain remained chimp size. Here we have half of each main branch, with the body following the upright walking side, and the brain following the side where the primates still walked on their hands, like the chimps do today.

However, it must have had something going for it, for this species also survived along with the other primates including the one that became humans. The Sasquatch is now comparable in size and weight to the gorilla and probably has the same size of brain. In all of natures evolution only the human primates has made it into the stone age and beyond. Humans were the only creatures that made tools and weapons. We are the only ones that used fire for warmth and cooking. The other primates do not even have the intelligence of how to keep a fire going. Humans were the only creature to have a full and written language, and the only creatures that built permanent shelters.

The Sasquatch had none of these and probably didn't even need them. Its heavy fur coat was adequate for all weather. Like our moose it just spent its days roaming the wilderness in search of food. There is no evidence that it even had its own territory as many animals do. It just followed its food supply. When needing to rest any comfortable place would do. A permanent bed was a disadvantage as it would soon have been heavily infested with fleas, lice, mites and tics. As its diet was mostly vegetationit did not have to complete with the more intelligent human primates for the available food supply. The Sasquatch was for the most part a solitary creature that just came together with a female to mate like much of our wildlife. Most of the sightings are of a single creature. It was up to the female to raise the offspring alone. If like humans, it would take a good many years to raise a youngster to where it could look after itself. This would mean a mother could only raise 2 or 3 children in its lifetime which would barely sustain their numbers. This would explain the scarcity of these creatures.

For those who have watched the wildlife do*****entaries on the T.V. educational channels will be struck by the almost human behavior of the chimpanzee. They tend to remind us of our children quarreling. For a long time scientists had thought that the dividing line between human and other creatures was in the use of tools. However, many wildlife pictures do show that the chimps, other animals and even birds will use sticks and rocks as tools in order to obtain food.

With our recent rapid advancement of our genetic research scientists are now saying that the chimpanzee, depending on its species have from 98 to 99.3 per cent of the genes of a human. In fact they are more closely related to humans than they are to the other large apes. Because of this some scientists have started a movement to declare the chimp a sub human with all the protection humans have. The Sasquatch with its upright walking and very human face could fit in between humans and the chimps. Does this mean the Sasquatch is the missing link ? Not likely as all 3 species evolved from an earlier life from around the same time.

After all, in the scientific category humans are classified as a primate or more crudely an ape. Keep this in mind the next time you call someone a big or stupid ape.

Sighting # 8

This report was received after my report had been completed and photo copies made. In the summer of 1988 Dan and his wife visited a friend on Old Lakelse Lake Road past Jackpine Flats. After awhile Dan had to stretch his legs and decided to look at his friends garden which was a little distance behind the house. Midway on the way back on his left was a dense grove of low leaf trees. Suddenly there was movement there and Dan thought he saw what looked like a very large rear end of a moose taking off. Dan, an avid hunter couldn't believe that a moose could be that high . At that moment the owner let out his two small house dogs. Dan hadn't smelled anything but apparently the dogs did. They ran yapping into the dense grove of trees. A few seconds later they came yapping back with high pitched yelps right up to the house and scratches madly at the door to get back into the house.

The owner came out and asked Dan what made the dogs act so strangely. Dan said he didn't know but would take a look around. He couldn't find any moose tracks in the grove of trees. There were a number of large faint impressions in the moss that were still rebounding out. Dan was familiar with the stories of the Sasquatch and suspected that this is what he saw. However, since there was no firm evidence to back him up, he decided to keep quiet rather than face teasing or ridicule. However, this event shows that although the Sasquatch will usually avoid humans, they can occasionally still stumble into their yards. In this area a story of bear and moose in your yard is believeable but a Sasquatch still isn't. It should also be noted in this report and the other information included, the strange reaction of the dogs. These dogs will not hesitate to go after a full grown grizzly, but yet run and hide from a Sasquatch. Do they instinctively know something that we don't ?

Sighting # 9

This took place in 1991 during ate July or early August. Dan and his wife were returning to B.C. from a visit to Ontario. Midnight found them near the Ontario - Manitoba border close to Westhawk Lake. Suddenly ahead of them in the car headlights they saw a large hair covered human like creature running hard across the highway. Dan remembers that the hair on the top of the creatures head was standing upright like a comb or brush. His wife noticed that steam was rising from its shoulder. It was obvious that the creature was in a panic situation and was running from something. Later they heard that others had seen it and it made the news on the local radio stations and the newspapers.

From the above report is proof that the Sasquatch is not confined to the Rockies but can be anywhere, even on the prairies.

My thanks goes out to a kind gentlman from my area for his report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

A Turquoise Colored Meteor Seen Over Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

October 25, 2009
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

Hello, I don't think you would class this as paranormal,, I did get a lot of enjoyment from reading all the paranormal sightings though. This evening , Oct 25th, at approximately 10 pm, in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. I witnessed something very beautiful. I am 72 and have never witnessed anything like it

At first I thought , a shooting star, but it was way too close. I think now it may have been a meteorite.? It seemed to come just above the houses out of the Southeast, and towards the northwest. It looked as though it would land in one of the back yards, on the right of hand side of the St. where I live, but it burned out just over the house. The culmination of this streak was a beautiful turquoise colour. Do you have any idea what it might have been ? I am very interested in this type of thing.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Terrace, British Columbia A Large Bright Light

Date: July/August 2001
Time: In-between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m.

I live in Terrace B.C., and just out of curiosity I was wondering if there were any UFO sightings in July/August 2001 in the Terrace area. I was sitting outside of my Kenny street home at approx: 2-3 in the morning having a smoke. When I looked up at the stars I noticed a large bright light. I didn't thing anything of it until it went underneath the clouds. That is when I freaked out and ran inside. Please e-mail me ASAP with or without info about this. Thanks.

Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: A little more information on the sighting below.

Thank you so much for e-mailing me back. When I was watching the light I did not notice any strange movements. It just went horizontally across the sky. I have no idea how high it was, like I said it went underneath the clouds. It was the same height the whole time. But I know that planes don't fly underneath the clouds, especially at 2-3 in the morning. I didn't watch it for long. When I saw it I got scared and ran inside. Sorry if this is not much help. If I can help in any other way please e-mail me at . (Witness information deleted).

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Bright Flash Of Light Between Hazleton And Kitwanga, British Columbia

Date: December 7, 2001
Time: approx: 12:05 to 12:30 a.m.

Another report from the friend of this witness.

Date: February 26, 2002
Time: approx: 12:15 to 12:30 (close to the same time as above)

This witness contacted me by way of the telephone to report that her and her friend had left work just after midnight. They were traveling highway # 16, between Hazleton and Kitwanga, B.C. when they saw a really bright flash of white light which came from behind them. They did stop off to the side of the highway to look around to see where the flash of light came from. She told me there were no other vehicles on the road. She noted it was cloudy as they could not see the stars or the moon. I asked if there were any transmission towers of any sort that she knew of, she was not aware of any at all in that area.

She said the event lasted only a second or two at the most but lighted up the whole area.

Her friend had a completely separate sighting of the same flash of light in and around the same area we are talking about above. This took place on February 26, 2002 between 12:15 to 12:30 a.m.

Many thanks to both ladies for their reports.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Victoria, British Columbia UFO Hovering 100 Feet From The Ground

Date: July 1, 2001
Time: approx: 9:20 p.m. (dusk)

I received a telephone call from a man who resides in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He reports that himself and two other friends saw an object sitting at approx: 100 feet from the ground. The sighting took place right downtown in Victoria, B.C. over the Calwood Hills. (Witnesses description to where the object was seen). He said there is the break water running along Dallas Road, and from here you can look over what is called the Calwood Hills, in the Calwood area which is over a small stretch of water called the Esquimalt Lagoon. The witnesses were out taking a walk right down at the waters edge at sunset and fortunately one of the men had a pair of binoculars with him. One of the fellows looked up and thought he was seeing a very large airplane over the Calwood Hills. The distance between the witnesses and the hills was approx: 3 to 4 miles away.

When they all realized what they were seeing was not an airplane they got very excited and went on to explain the shape of the object to me. One witnesses described the object as being tube shaped, or like the fuselage of a large aircraft just sitting stationary in one position. Even though the sun was setting behind the craft, they could see it glowing brightly from the objects side facing the three men. It was slightly tilted at about a 20 degree angle then moved slowly down behind the hills. The men stood watching for approx; 20 minutes more to see if they could catch another glimpse of it. It was about 9:45 p.m. and completely dark at this time when the object came back up and sat just above the trees. Finally they remembered they had the binoculars with them, and started to pass them around so everyone could get a good look at it. After watching it for about another 10 minutes it slowly dropped back down again. Due to having a young child with them at the time, and it was getting cooler they decided to head back home.

The fellow I talked with still went on with a few more details about what he had saw. When the object dropped down for the last time, he said it would have been right over a small lake, called Prospect Lake which is spring fed. He also said the lake itself was only a half kilometer across at the most. After thinking about it, he wondered if the object was dropping down to pick up water. The fellow claims that what was witnessed was larger than two of the biggest aircraft he knows of, even with them being so far away. There were no wings visible on the structure.

I would like to thanks the folks for the report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Nuneaton, Warwickshire UK Three Orange Lights

Date: October 25, 2009
Time: Approx: 0200hrs

Spotted three orange lights as discussed, but in straight line formation. No navigation lights, sounds etc, just three orange glows, approx 2 miles apart, moving too slow for jet, and too fast for helicopter/light aircraft. Was in company with two police officers and two other members of professional staff at George Eliot Hospital at time of sighting. 0200hrs approx. 25th Oct 2009.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Beaver, Pennsylvania - Oblong, Wingless, Disk-Like UFO

Date: December 15, 2000 Time: 6:30 p.m.

My 12/15/00 nighttime sighting:

A large, intensely, bright, bluish-white strobing light flying north... Its speed seemed normal but it flew unusually low and close to my house, only 200 feet away from me. As the strobe flashed, about once per second, it illuminated the craft's body.

I could then, see that this craft was oblong, wingless, disk-like and of a dull, dark, brownish-gray color. There were also a few areas of very hazy, dimly lit, multi-colored light, of red and yellow-green, around the right side of the craft which, seemed like windows but with no apparent structure... or frame work. (*Note: This dimly lit, multi-colored illumination, of red and yellow-green, around the side of the craft's body was something that I later described, on the AlienViews list, as resembling the luminous, multi-colors effect often seen on an oil slick). The disk seemed to be about 15 feet wide, no noise, no other lights. The disk looked very black except for the small surface area being illuminated by its flashing strobe.

Below Image: This is what the UFO appeared to look like.

The strobe (the white light) was located at the tip of a short, thin appendage (the appendage) was about three or four feet in length (and attached) along the center portion of the disk's side. The strobe light was always pointing towards the north.

When the strobe (UFO) was at it closest (*the UFO was then below my eye level and hovering about 3 feet off the ground, directly behind my neighbor's garage) I could see this strobe's appendage wavering, back and forth, a few feet CW then, CCW, every three seconds or so... This slight wavering or gliding back and forth movement of the appendage sort of reminded me of the subtle wavering of a compass needle... This disk then, stopped and hovered (*Note -- I never saw this UFO flying upwards, towards its second hovering location) about 250 to 300 feet above ground and about 150 yards away.

Thank you, Brian, for all of your good work in posting these many excellent UFO reports to the web! :-)


Thank you to the witness for the wonderful report and drawing.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Harrison Lake, British Columbia Fiery Orangey Colored UFO

Date: Spring of 2000 Time: 9:30 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 1 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Fiery Elongation

Full Description of event/sighting: Driving down the east side of Harrison lake coming home from camping at the hot springs 20km up the gravel road. My girlfriend and I spotted a light on the other side of the lake.

Kilometers away we could barely see it through the trees when we were driving in my jeep. I came to a clearing in the bush and came to a stop to stare at this unusual light far away from any civilization. The light looked like a forest fire approximately a kilometer in length. It was an orangey color. It started moving slowly up the side of the mountain across the lake from us. We continued to watch as the light climbed farther up the hillside. As it climaxed the mountain it simply disappeared like someone turned the lights out. This took about one minute from when we started watching it climb. The total time of the sighting from start to finish was 2 and a half min roughly. As the light went out my girlfriend freaked out and started crying.

She told me to get the hell out of there so I proceeded to step on the gas and take off. The next corner we got to my truck strangely shut off. No power in the engine. All the instrument gages still functioned so there was no break in electricity. With the truck not moving my girlfriend panicked and started crying even more go go go go go go she said. I tried starting it and it worked. Peeling out we got out of there as fast as possible. I kind of wanted to go back because its not often that you see something like that but she wouldn't let me. Anyways that's my story I wonder if anyone else seen it at the same time. I could figure the date out a little more accurately if you need me to.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

UFO - Douglas Lake, British Columbia Bright Blue Light Amazed Campers

Date: May 21, 2000
Time: 11:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Bright, blue light.

Full Description of event/sighting: It was a clear night on Douglas Lake near Merrit BC, during the may long weekend. My friends family and I have been camping there for a number of years and know the area well. We usually go early in the week to reserve a spot for us because many people camp there. This time was no exception. At around 11 o'clock at night, many of the campers were around their fires including ourselves. As we stood by the fire, we all heard something coming from the distance. We looked to the east and saw a intense blue light coming at a fast rate about 50 feet above us. It was a loud noise and made everyone freeze. It came as fast as it went. We tried looking for it, but there was nothing.

We were all flabbergasted and couldn't pin point what it was. I believe this was the real thing because not only was it our camp that noticed it, but the whole camp ground stepped away from their fires and went on the main road to understand what just happened. There was no sign of a plane or any other aircraft. However their was a satellite, which some campers said to be the sound and light, but I believe they said that to calm themselves down. There was something that wanted to say hello to our camp and it did in quite the fashion. The next day of camping was very uneasy to say the least.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Meteorite/Fireball Sighting Over Ottawa, Ontario

Date: October 25, 2009
Time: 7:06 a.m.

Large green, red, blue over the MacDonald's and petro Canada on Innis. Seemed to have burnt up about 80-100 feet over the fire station. Was about the size of a basketball. Figured I'd let you know. Cheers. Sent from (removed) iPhone.

Thank you to the person for the sighting report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kitimat, British Columbia UFO With Fames Following

Date: March 19, 2002
Time: 7:35 a.m.

A fellow who lives in Terrace and works in Kitimat, while on his way to work this morning told me he watched "something" coming out of the sky with flames behind it. He described his location as being near the Kitimat River Bridge heading towards Kitimat driving down the one straight stretch which heads away from the river and saw the object more or less directly over Kitimat. He says he drives back and forth each day but today he saw something streaking down with yellow, blue, and red flame behind it and trailing smoke.

Investigators Note: The witness to this event said the "object" what ever it was came straight down. I have been in contact with the Kitimat newspaper this morning but they have not had anyone report this as of yet. I will look into other areas where I might find some information and hopefully get lucky.

Many thanks to this witness for his report.

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Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

Prince George, British Columbia Two UFOs Linked Together

Date: 1999 ?
Time: not known yet

In 1999 in Prince George I was just getting into my car..Which was located close to the bypass near the Fraser river. I was at my friends place and I was just leaving when I turned around to wave I saw 2 very large circles linked together by grooves like inside of a watch. The circles were about the size of the Crop Circles in Vanderhoof around that time (That is the only sense that I have made out of this whole thing since the sighting)

Anyway they moved across the sky, one way then the other way. Like east to west. It did this about 4 times and then I got out of sorts and got into my car and drove away. I didn't stay until it flew off somewhere else. I just left ! Since then I have been trying to wrap my mind round it. I have just recently found this site. Please get back to me.

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Another Witness To The Boomerang UFO Over Smithers, British Columbia

Date: February 1, 2002
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

Investigators Note: I received this report March, 24, 2002 which may be a confirmation to the February 1, 2002 sighting in which three ladies witnessed a large boomerang shaped object 3 kilometers east of Telkwa. The witnesses to this sighting were heading east on Highway #16 towards Houston, B.C. their home town. The object passed right over head, going west towards Smithers, B.C. Telkwa is a 10 minute drive east of Smithers. I started out making enquiries into the February, 1, 2002 sighting but I must admit I wasn't ready for the amount of sighting reports which kept coming in.

Today, Sunday, March 24, 2002 I received a telephone call from a gentleman who lives in Smithers, British Columbia who had read an article in the Smithers Interior Newspaper about some of the sightings which have taken place from Kitimat, B.C. right through to Prince George. The paper also carried my contact information, so if anyone had seen anything strange and wanted to, they could at least find me to file a report for investigation.

Below Image: This is a drawing one of the ladies did of the UFO all three observed.

This witness told me he had gone to rent a video from the Smithers Hollywood Video store and after he came out and got into his car and starting driving down the road, something caught his eye. He mentioned, due to the lights from the town of Smithers he could see the object rather well. He pulled his vehicle over, got out and watched it fly slowly over and around the town for approximately five minutes. He also told me he thought it was descending and his first thoughts were of a para-glider and said it was the best way he could describe what he was looking at. He also said the object had "one" bright white light on it. He mentioned the light would go bright to dim, but said he wasn't sure if this was due to the object turning.

The witness mentioned that para-gliders often flew off Hudson Bay mountain and I asked him, because of that fact, had there ever been any other sightings of the gliders .... he replied "no, not at night".

Below Photo: Brian Vike standing on Highway 16 pointing to where the UFO was seen.

I asked him if he had an idea what the size would have been of this object. He said it was hard to tell, but went on to say it would have been about the size of a para-glider if you were standing next to it. He also said the height from the ground would have been approx: 1500 feet. It slowly made turns over the town of Smithers. I also asked about the weather conditions at the time of his sighting, and he said it was overcast as did the three witnesses for the Telkwa sighting the same night.

The witness said he would never have mentioned his sighting to anyone as he did not know who or where to report this anyway, until he read the article in the newspaper.

Investigators Note: I was talking to some new friends (I am keeping their identity secret) and they told me that they knew for a fact that there was more than normal air traffic in and around our area after the sighting on February 1, 2002. Their source would not elaborate on what was taking place, but again said there were a number of aircraft patrolling the skies our way. I thought this was very interesting as well.
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