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Beaver, Pennsylvania - Oblong, Wingless, Disk-Like UFO

Date: December 15, 2000 Time: 6:30 p.m.

My 12/15/00 nighttime sighting:

A large, intensely, bright, bluish-white strobing light flying north... Its speed seemed normal but it flew unusually low and close to my house, only 200 feet away from me. As the strobe flashed, about once per second, it illuminated the craft's body.

I could then, see that this craft was oblong, wingless, disk-like and of a dull, dark, brownish-gray color. There were also a few areas of very hazy, dimly lit, multi-colored light, of red and yellow-green, around the right side of the craft which, seemed like windows but with no apparent structure... or frame work. (*Note: This dimly lit, multi-colored illumination, of red and yellow-green, around the side of the craft's body was something that I later described, on the AlienViews list, as resembling the luminous, multi-colors effect often seen on an oil slick). The disk seemed to be about 15 feet wide, no noise, no other lights. The disk looked very black except for the small surface area being illuminated by its flashing strobe.

Below Image: This is what the UFO appeared to look like.

The strobe (the white light) was located at the tip of a short, thin appendage (the appendage) was about three or four feet in length (and attached) along the center portion of the disk's side. The strobe light was always pointing towards the north.

When the strobe (UFO) was at it closest (*the UFO was then below my eye level and hovering about 3 feet off the ground, directly behind my neighbor's garage) I could see this strobe's appendage wavering, back and forth, a few feet CW then, CCW, every three seconds or so... This slight wavering or gliding back and forth movement of the appendage sort of reminded me of the subtle wavering of a compass needle... This disk then, stopped and hovered (*Note -- I never saw this UFO flying upwards, towards its second hovering location) about 250 to 300 feet above ground and about 150 yards away.

Thank you, Brian, for all of your good work in posting these many excellent UFO reports to the web! :-)


Thank you to the witness for the wonderful report and drawing.

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