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UFOs: To Be Or Not To Be

By Nicole Fitzgerald
The Interior News
August 14, 2002

After an article on UFO sightings in Telkwa and Houston was published in last week's edition of The Interior News, reports on UFO sightings are flying in and credibity of the sightings are gaining momentum.

"I can't keep up with all that is going on, " said an excited and exhausted Houston UFO researcher Brian Vike.

A flurry of phone calls, on-site interviews and investigative research has left Vike with little sleep. Since the papers hit the stands, five witnesses came forward, claiming they saw the white ball of light Telkwa resident Gordon Stewart glimpsed on the evening of July 29.

After reading the paper, Quick teacher Dina Hanson called Stewart to share the details of her sighting, which she recorded in her journal the day after her experience. Her son, civic engineer Ryan Hanson also saw the object, which partially matched Stewarts's description.

The Hanson's sighting also took place July 29, five minutes earlier than Stewarts's sighting, traveling in a southwesterly direction from Quick towards Telkwa.

Both observations commented on the awe striking brightness and size of the light; the white and yellow hues and soundless travel at a speed, which exceeded the propulsion of a man-made object. Some of the differences between the two incidents was that Dina's light shape was an elongated circle opposed to Stewart's round one. Dina also noted a slight downward trajectory to her object, unlike Stewart's parallel flight pattern.

However, Ryan introduced that because the object was moving away from his mother and himself, the object may have just appeared to be dropping because of their perspective. Dina originally attributed her experience to a meteorite sighting, but after a phone call to a professor at the University of Northern B.C. revealed that meteorites produce sound, Dina is uncertain. "I am pretty cynical about things like UFO's, " she said. "But because there was no sound, I think it is remotely possible it was something else."

A Smithers family of late night hot tubbers comprised of both adults and children also contacted Stewart, sharing a similar story, adding that the light engaged in a series of loops. Smithers resident Dan Derbyshire was also added to the list in an unrelated sighting. However, he wanted to support those stumbling upon these unexplainable phenomenon's. "Sometimes people feel they are the only ones (that are seeing unusual sights)," Derbyshire said, "But I thought I'd let them know, they aren't alone."

Like many other UFO reports, the edges of reality expand with the number of incidents reported as viewers digest science fiction's fanciful imagination with tangible physical experiences. "It was not what I classify as a flying saucer," Derbyshire noted of the craft, which reminded him of a metallic 40-gallon barrel, heading towards Houston at an estimated 300 kilometers per hour. He stated he is a UFO believer, but dismissed his incident as an American flight exercise in one breath while pondering over why he heard no sound in another.

His experience neither fits H.G. Wells' War of The Worlds where aliens employ mass destruction in tea- cup-and-saucer shaped crafts nor did it fit with the characteristics of a man-made aircraft. Reality and rationale collided as he attempted to interpret what he saw. Unlike a plane, there were no wings on the ribbed object and its flight was soundless, Derbyshire noted. Unlike many UFO sightings, the object did not emanate a white glowing light nor assume the regular saucer form, he added.

Vike surmises Derbyshire's suspicions are correct after a series of phone calls attributed the sighting to a military reconnaissance drone. Although if this assessment is correct, many more questions arise about what is going on for Vike. "A secret military exercise?" Vike questioned. "Who knows". Vike's suspicions are rising as reports of military trucks are detected around Houston and the Telkwa High Road. Vike and his wife also saw and heard the hum of large turbo propellers of military type crafts flying over Houston on August 8. "Something is going on," Vike alleged. Despite the couple both seeing and hearing the two military crafts, the Smithers air tower told Vike there was no air activity in the Houston vicinity.

Stewart is heartened by the additional reports coming in. "(People) can't say I've lost my marbles," Stewart laughed. "There are too many people who have seen it. I am not the only one."

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