Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UFO's Over Pickering

Hugh Wesley SunBy Mark BonokoskiStaff Writer

Air traffic controllers say "no way" but there are three ambulance drivers, one policeman, and one deejay who are "damn sure" a dozen UFOs scanned Pickering's nuclear power station last night.

"For eight hours they were up there, floating around, zipping this way and that," said Andy parks, music director of 14 CHOO radio in Ajax. red, green, orange, yellow, hot pink?

"Maybe a mile high. I've seen reports on the news wire for the last six years about UFOs. Never believed them. But seeing is believing." Parks, following reports of UFO sightings last night, went with a news crew down to Pickering power station where the objects seemed to be centering.

Caption For Below Photo: Above: Flying saucers exist --- that's the view of, from left, Murray Martin, radio man Andy Parks and Ed Thornton.

With him were a number of spectators including Ajax Pickering ambulance drivers Ed Thornton, Murray Martin, and Russ Abram, Durham regional Police Constable Bob Usher was the commotion, drove down, and saw the "unidentified flying objects."

Abram said his 12-year old daughter Karen phoned from home saying that she saw "something strange over the lake" from their ninth-floor apartment....and Dad confirmed it was "strange indeed."

But air controllers in Toronto and Oshawa said last night they had heard word of sightings but "picked up nothing on radar."

"You never do on reports such as this," said Toronto International supervisor Don Finlay. "If you do, then that's news."

But Parks "swears" that last night Oshawa flight control tower confirmed the objects as "unidentified."

Last night, however, officials there said they "did not see any UFOs."

Parks, who has a private pilot's license, said "no planes move like that, no planes pulsate like that.

"Pickering's power station is one of the most powerful in the world. Right?

"Well, someone from another world is on to it now. Believe me!"

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