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Sasquatch Crossing Port Renfrew, British Columbia

Date: March 8, 2008

Hi there, On March 8, 2008, myself, my two sons and my sister were taking a leisurely sunny drive along Sooke Road towards Port Renfrew. On the last straightaway just before Port Renfrew my 19 year-old son, who was sitting in the front seat with me, and I both noticed a two legged dark figure dart quickly across the road. It was quite a way down the road (500 ft?), but what struck us as odd was the way it seemed to bolt straight across the road - like an animal that was bolting - or being very timid.

I asked my son what that person was doing up the road because I thought it a strange way for someone to cross the road with no traffic to avoid.

When we approached the approximate area where we saw the figure cross, we were surprised to see that there was nothing on either side of the road but trees and thick brush. There may have been a few tight animal trails, but there certainly did not appear to be any break in the brush that a grown person could go bolting through. Because of this, we turned the car around and slowly drove down the shoulder of the road searching the dense brush to try to make sense of the situation.

The kicker is that when my son first sighted the figure, he thought it was a bear because he says he saw what appeared to be a hairy creature, but that because it ran across the road upright on two legs with both arms swinging long alongside it's body and in a rather hunched way, he was confused. What I saw was a rather large black human figure run hurriedly straight out of the brush from one side of the road right across to the other side of the road straight into the brush. I noticed no definition of clothing or color and no backpack or anything held. I thought it a bear, too, but my mind was reaching for something but I quickly discounted a bear.

Seeing that there was nothing on either side of the road and the odd way the apparently human figure darted across the road, we considered extremely odd behavior. This left us considering the possibility it may have been a sasquatch. The situation and the behavior was just weird enough.

Logically looking back, it is a thickly wooded and isolated area and if a person wanted to cross the road, there would be no need to run in such a manner. Also, normally one would have stood at the side of the road and looked before crossing. We were just struck with the odd occurrence. In fact, it was weird enough behavior for one to think it's more logically a sasquatch than a human - if you consider their existence a possibility.

As my son says, if it isn't a sasquatch, then it's a very big man dressed in a monkey suit running through the woods.

Thank you to the witnesses for the great report.

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