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Francois Lake, Grassy Plains (South of Burns Lake) British Columbia UFO

Date: February 14, 2002
Time: Approx: 12:00 a.m. (midnight)

Weather Conditions: Clear.
Sound: None.
Telephone Interview.

A witness telephoned me saying he had read the newspaper article (Lakes District Newspaper) on the sightings which are taking place around our area. He reports that on February 11 - 15, 2002 he saw something very strange in the night's sky. He lives at Francois Lake, on the south side, and approximately 30 kilometers from the Ferry landing.

He said the night was perfectly dark with the stars shinning brightly. The gentleman said he looked up into the sky, when something caught his eye due to the speed of the object with lights on it. He went on to explain that he has seen a lot satellites, planes, etc.. but this object was like nothing he could compare it to.
He said it almost looked like an aircraft, and when it came into his vision which was closer to his area he was located in, the object then came to a complete "stop" and went totally dark. (meaning the lights went out on the object). Then all of a sudden there was a flash off light which reminded him as if you took a mirror and reflected it off the sunlight and aiming it towards the ground you would have a very bright area lit up. But because it was totally dark he said it was like a ray of light which seemed to be sweeping on the ground.

Below Photo: Night shot of the Ferry landing.

This witness told me the sighting only lasted a couple of minutes before continuing on it's way at an incredible speed and disappeared. I asked what direction the object came from, he said it came from north and left heading directly south. Also his father-in-law was witness to the sighting also. He went on to say he looked for a reasonable explanation for this sighting as he was not to keen on the idea of "UFOs". But can't seem to find a any explanation. I asked what altitude he estimated the object was at, he said it was very hard to tell, but went on to say he could not believe how powerful the light was. It was almost like if the sun was shinning through the clouds, giving the effect of a beam of light and of course the brightness of it. Once again it looked as if it was looking for something due to the light sweeping (moving around on the ground)

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