Monday, October 26, 2009

Brothers Cross Paths With Sasquatch At Campbell River On Vancouver Island, B.C.

Date: Mid to late 1970's

It has been many years that have past, since, me and my brother had a Sasquatch cross our path. It happened in the mid to late 70's in the Campbell River area. As the junior school had been destroyed by fire we had to go to the senior high. Our schedule was from 1:00-5:00pm. On our way to school we would take a short cut to school through a patch of forest. As we used to live in the Prince George, Hixon, B.C. area and we had forest smarts. Respect the forest and the creatures that call it home. Anyway for the longest time on our trek to school through this patch of forest it was like half way through like clock work the hair on the back of our necks would tell us to run.

Every day we would come up with some lame reason for this unknown terror. Yet being winter it would be dark on our way home at 5:00pm. We without question would always take the long late way home. Seeing nothing we soon forgot our experience until sometime near the end of spring break when me and my brother took a go-cart I had built in metalwork up to this area near the tree line and area of mystery. At that time a subdivision was in the works. There were 3 hills perfect to coast from the top to the bottom without cars to worry about. It was nearing dark when my brother asked if I wanted to ride the hills one more time before it got dark. I agreed to this then looked straight up the 3rd hill as I was steering while he pushed and rode on back.

To our surprise and instant fear just as we are to head up the last hill this huge dark creature crosses in front of us about a short half block away. All I really remember is it took 3 quick steps across a 30 to 32 foot wide roadway. The hair on the back of my neck did the straight thing and my brother did a speed record in running home. As short this experience was and the terror felt we never discussed our experience until many years later. My brother doesn't really like to talk about the subject our some of the other things that happened in our younger years. Looking back this creature could have grabbed either one of us if it wanted to. My feeling is the creature was curious it may have even been trying to make contact. One weird thing re: the forest run through, was I noticed was the forest was littered with small bits of food wrappings. Almost like someone was licking food off the wrapping then spitting it out in small pieces, as just this one area was littered with this trash.

Since moving to the Nanaimo area my interest has been sparked by other experiences told to me by others and different info gathered, plus seeing a couple UFO's one being a little too close for comfort. As some believe the two are related I'd have to agree to a point on the other hand I'd would also have to say that humans are just as much a alien species. This story is pretty tame, but the experience never leaves you even if many disbelieve. All I know if I was in the forest and there was a Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot or a ground burrower around I would know. These creatures are not the stupid animals, many put them of to be. Also as most natives think they are just spirit beings they are not as they have more weight and being then given credit. Have to get back to work so if you have any inquires let me know and I will keep in touch as there is more. Also I may send you through the mail some other info that you may or may not have to hopefully understand the reason for the secrecy regarding these naked creatures of the forest.

Thank you to the witness for relating his story.

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