Saturday, October 17, 2009

Circles Lights And Oddities

by Angie Mindus
The Williams Lake Tribune

In 1990, a Williams Lake couple discovered a perfect circle behind their house.

It was late afternoon when Marion (who preferred not to give her last name), finished washing her windows at her house. When she realized it was getting close to dinner time, she headed inside. Her husband Rolly, home after a hard days work, was relaxing in front of the TV watching the news.

About a half hour passed while Marian prepared dinner when she routinely leaned out the back door and hollered for their dog, Jessie, to come eat her food. She didn't come.

"That was strange ... she always came running for her food," Marian began to worry as she walked back to the kitchen and thought it was odd that the dog wasn't around. Several minutes went by before she called for Jessie again, this time from the porch window which also faced the back. Again she didn't come, but something else caught her attention.

Below Caption For Photo: Strange Circles Which Appeared Near A Cariboo Home

"I yelled out to Rolly to come and look," she said. Both stood in astonishment at what they found. The design of a circle impression. "It was like someone used a compass," Marian said describing the circle impression in the compacted gravel behind their house.

The couple measured the circle again and again with the same results. The circle was exactly 39 feet in diameter and the track was six inches wide.

"It was perfectly round. No doubt about it."

Rolly said the imprint into the packed ground was about 1/8 of an inch deep and either crushed or scratched the rocks it touched "like the way metal would scrape them."

Because Marian was outside only an hour prior, and the couple were in the house and near the windows the rest of the time, they began to speculate how the marking could have possibly been made without them noticing.

"There was no sound. The only thing I noticed was interference in the TV reception," Rolly said. Aside from the circle measuring precisely the same in diameter, it was also perfectly centered in the driveway. There were also no exits from where the circle was situated in the driveway. The outer track measured exactly 11 feet from the house, 11 feet from a steep embankment, 11 feet from parked vehicles, and 11 feet away from trees bordering the property line.

Rolly said there is no reasonable explanation. "No way in, no way out. The only way is up. It must have come from above." It was several hours later when the family's dog came back to the house. "It was like she was scared of something. She was in hiding." But even after the dog came back, Marian said she was not acting normal. The dog refused to step inside the circle, even with coaxing from her owners.

"She whimpered and whined," Rolly said. "It had to be something strange to make an animal act like that."

Over the next three weeks, Marian experienced many nose bleeds, a symptom she's never had before. "I went to my physician and he couldn't diagnose why I was having them." Marian spoke with UFO experts shortly after, and they explained it was common for nose bleeds to occur after a UFO makes contact with the earth. In the days following the appearance of the circles, many people came by to witness for themselves the mysterious circle. And along with the people, came the media.

The Williams Lake Tribune ran an article telling of the story. BCTV also made the trip to come film the event. "We got a lot of phone calls ...lots of people coming out of the woodwork to tell us they saw UFOs."

Marian said when other people told their stories "it doesn't make you feel so stupid." All in all the couple said people in the community were supportive of them. "In fact, I still have people stopping me on the streets asking me if I've seen anything lately," Marian said.

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