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Northwest B.C. Leads In UFO Sightings

The Interior News
Wednesday, April 2, 2003
95th year - Week 14

Have you ever spotted strange lights in the sky or a fast moving object that defies the laws of gravity? If not, don't worry, you might. Chances of seeing a UFO in northern B.C. are greater than in any other region in Canada.

Terrace is the B.C. capital for sightings and third across the country, while Houston placed second in B.C. and fourth in Canada.

The list complied 483 eyewitness reports from around the country in 2002. One-third of all sightings were reported in B.C.

Brian Vike is a ufologist based out of Houston, B.C. and the founder of a UFO Web site. He has been an investigator of strange phenomenon in the region since 2000. Since the list was released. Vike said his phone has been ringing off the hook.

"People are aware now that there is someone who investigates and tries to figure out what people are seeing," Vike says.

Even in the last two months, there have been sightings reported in the northwest region.

One "large disk shaped object" was spotted on February 22, over a one hour period by observers in three different area in B.C.

The object was described as very large, slow moving, with bright lights on the underside and completely silent.

The first witness spotted the object in Mill Bay, Vancouver Island at 9:15 p.m. followed by two in Kitimat, at 10:20 p.m. Shortly after, a husband and wife stopped their vehicle between Terrace and Prince Rupert to watch the object.

While there have been hundreds of sightings in the northwest, many have been explained by military exercises or cosmic activity, such as planets or shooting stars.

"There are still so many that remain unexplained and people are seeing things all the time," says Vike.

A film crew from the Canadian Life Network arrived in the area recently to start shooting a new series called "The Magnificent Obsession."

Because of the surge of sightings in the past two years, Vike was asked to be a part of the documentary, which will include other ufologists from the U.S. and England.

(photo submitted) Moving Mystery: Footage of three unexplained objects hovering above Francois Lake last year

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