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Mother And Son Scoop Marks, Now Wanting To Know

Hello, I just saw the pictures and stories of scoop marks on I began reading with a feeling of deja vu, which sent chills up my spine. I have many scars from childhood accidents and can tell you in detail how they occurred. But I have one scar on my left inner thigh that I have never been able to explain. I've had the scar (or scoop mark) since I was five or six years of age. When I was 22 or so, I asked my mother about it.
I never really had any reason to wonder why I didn't know how it occurred. (Funny that.) When I started to ask my mother, I began by showing her the scar. Before I could say anything, she blurted, "Where did you get that?" I replied that I was going to ask her the same question. She looked at me very peculiarly and, I swear, she turned white as a sheet and rolled up her baggy shorts (it was summer) and showed me the exact same scar on her left inner thigh.

She didn't know how she acquired the "scar" either. I thought that was really weird, but I didn't pursue it. Now, after reading the stories on Jeff's website, I am shivering and wondering why I never really tried to find the answer to this puzzle. I am freaked out now. I've had a fascination about UFO's most of my life and I've had some very strange "dreams", at least I thought they were dreams, of people who weren't people, of "glass houses" with roofs that touched the ground, and of flying around the glass houses with other people who were naked. I was only a child when this dream continued to repeat over and over with other images of rooms that were lit in the middle but no walls could be seen. I have not been able to get the feeling out of my mind that these weren't dreams, but actual occurrences.

I've attached the photos of my "scoop mark" scar. You can post them if you wish, I have a driving need now to know what has happened to me (and my mother). Why don't we remember? Why was so difficult to wonder what happened? How could I just forget to wonder? I must admit I'm frightened. The dream of flying around the glass house was fun, but some of the "dreams" scared the wits out of me.

One very early morning when I was about 13, I woke up screaming, I had a dream of people talking to me, talking way too fast, and I was scared. My mom came into my room, and I remember her walking in and sitting on my bed and shaking me to wake up. The problem was that I was awake and I couldn't tell her I was awake. Also, when she spoke to me, I couldn't understand her. She was talking too fast. I finally managed to tell her that. I was finally able to move and she made me get dressed and took me to the hospital. My temperature was 104 degrees, yet I felt fine once I was able to move. In fact, after the incident, I actually felt pretty good! I didn't feel like I had a fever at all. I never understood that. They kept me overnight "just in case". In case of what I never found out.

Oops, I forgot. Yes my mother and my marks are not only in the exact same area of our left inner thighs, they look exactly alike. There is a...melted look to the inside of the scoop and around the edges it looks like it's been done more than once.

As I said in my second email, my mother won't talk about her experiences. But she is interested in things that are unexplainable.

There one was time when I got home from work at about 2:30 in the morning and the moon was full. I went outside to stare at the moon through my telescope. I could see the craters quite clearly. While I was looking, I saw what I thought of as little black specks flying all over the moon's surface. One in particular, circled one of the craters and then flew off at an angle that was different than the approach to the crater. Then, to my astonishment, a really huge black circle crossed the moon. I watched it for the whole time and it actually eclipsed some of the big craters.
I waited for about another minute or two and then it did it again! I came to the conclusion that it was actually orbiting the moon. I went into the house and woke my mother, pleading with her to hurry and see what I saw. When she looked through the 'scope, she said, "I don't see anything". I told her to wait a minute. Then she gasped slightly and when she looked up, she didn't say a word to me. She went back into the house. It freaked me out because of the look on her face was...indescribable. It frightened me. It was as if she was sleep walking. About a month or two later, I was watching the show "Sightings" and they had a Japanese photographer's video showing the same "shadow circle" crossing the moon. I felt triumphant that I did not imagine it and I again called my mother to see. She watched with me and when I said that was the same shadow of something orbiting the moon, I was again both disappointed and frightened by her reaction. Or lack of...

I've also experienced strange "presences" in my room when I was growing up. Some were quite frightening. the only way to describe the thing. It scared the daylights out of me. It was in the library of my grandfather's house in El Paso. It moved down the hallway to my room. I remember that quite clearly. But what happened when it entered my room, if it did, I don't remember. Are these things connected? What happened to me? Why do I remember speaking with my mind but not being able to remember how? Or to whom?

I can't count the number of times I saw UFO's. All my life I've seen strange objects in the sky, like I was being followed, like they knew where I was whenever they wanted to. But most of all I remember the dreams, or fragments of what I thought were dreams. I'm not sure now that they were. Sincerely.

Thank you to the kind fellow for allowing me to post his story.

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