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Little Rock, Arkansas Amazing Black Triangle UFO Sighting (Graphics And Audio)

Date: 2001

Essentially, Two vehicles came swooping in toward the nearby landing-strip of the Little Rock Airport, just after twilight. About 6 minutes earlier I had noticed another plane leaving the same airspace as it took off S-W towards Dallas, at first making this appear to be a sensible, well choreographed Normal flight-pattern.

Both were descending at an unacceptably high rate of speed, not unlike Flt.175, as it approached the WTC South Tower, just a few months prior. I instantly slowed from my usual 58mph freeway speed, to about 48mph, just slow enough to capture the active motion against a relatively stable foreground. It suddenly dawned on me that these aircraft were in hot pursuit! Having a high degree of spatial recognition, I could see that I was approximating a situation where I might be entering a point of impact, so I slowed my vehicle as much as I could practically do without serious risk to other traffic. Even 39mph suddenly felt like a suicide rate, so I dropped it down to second and got into the creeper-lane. That's when it all became clear that I was observing a real UFO.

The vehicles leveled-off at an altitude of just about 1,000ft. and continued at me for about 1 mile. Their additional descent went unnoticed until the first craft slowed to a nearly parked position. Behind him, was a full battle-ready Huey helicopter which also came to a sudden halt, much as though he was scared of getting more than an inch closer.

Very gently, the Black Triangle proceeded to move forward and I rolled to a position just beyond it's wingspan. At that point, it was about 1 1/2 blocks to my Left, so I could see the entire thing through my driver's side window, but as it moved, it was to leave the entire bird visible through, and virtually filling my Jeep's entire windshield.

I looked intensely at every portion of that machine, knowing it could not be faithfully photographed at night. Lucky for me all of it's lights were operational and I believe that I observed all of the fundamental attributes of their behavior in this 'idle' mode. My feeling was both one of terror and relief. My biggest fear was that the helicopter would fire upon it and I would be caught in the fireball below!

To my hard left, another troop-type helicopter appeared. I'll discuss that one later.

I knew that I needed a comparable reference to describe the UFO's actual scale which still eludes me somewhat. Altitudes of 900' would seem more reasonable than say, 500ft., but that was probably it's very lowest hovering height. In order to lock my eyes on the thing throughout the entire progression, I eventually sat in the window with my head above the car itself.

Listen In to Brian Vike talk to the eyewitness over the Little Rock, Arkansas Amazing Black Triangle Sighting:

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My many thanks to Tom for taking the time with me to tell his story. It truly was an frightening and amazing experience.

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