Monday, October 19, 2009

Seaham, County Durham Witness - Object Looked Like It Was On Fire

Date: October 14, 2009
Time: Evening.

Hi Brian, I also saw the same object you are talking about but it was on Wednesday 14.10.09. It looked about the same size, 1 inch when 1st spotted. To me it looked like an object on fire as in the distance you could see spark like objects falling off it.

I am in Seaham, County Durham. I first noticed it coming over the house tops as I was playing on the field with my 6 year old son and his new glowing helicopter, it wasn’t that high in the sky when 1st seen it, but quickly rose up and continued to travel south.

At 1st it was travelling south, then started to move north towards me as I was getting very excited as I thought I was about to witness my 1st ever UFO encounter, but then it quickly turned south again and just carried on moving south until out of site.

But I am not now sure if it was a burning object if it was seen 3 days later in Teesside? Maybe it’s a new craze the kids have of burning objects and somehow floating them around? But whatever it was it was travelling quite quickly and never stopped glowing until out of site, if it was on fire surely it would have burnt up quite quickly and came crashing to the ground.

My son wanted to go home and won’t go down the field anymore in the dark as he keeps saying the aliens are going to come back? Whatever it was you are not alone in seeing it, but I am not sure exactly what I saw. Regards.

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