Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Different Evening Out (UFO)

by Angie Mindus
The Williams Lake Tribune

For Tony Kunka and his wife, the evening began no differently than any other. The couple were driving out to a trailer Tony stayed in just off the Mackin Creek Road.

Tony, a feller buncher operator who has logged in the area since 1977, often worked through the night in the secluded area. It would prove to be an evening, and a drive, they would never forget.
"It was so close (to the ground), it lit up the tree tops, Tony said as he began describing an unexplainable light they encountered. He said the object was a mute, square blue light with a line down the center. "It looked like a window." The light appeared approximately a half a mile away from their vehicle while they were travelling down the road. At first, he said, the light didn't scare him. But when it began to follow their vehicle, he became more concerned.

Below Diagram: Sketch of Sighting.

"It looked like it was interested in something.... I was a little scared because it's so out of the ordinary." After five minutes of the light staying along side the truck, Tony said, it started getting smaller and smaller until it turned into a little light, "streaked across the sky" and vanished.

This was Tony's first encounter with an unidentified flying object. It occurred 12 to 15 years ago, and since then, he has seen dozens of peculiar bright lights close by in the sky while working nightshifts. "Since (the first sighting) I have always watched the sky." Watching the night skies over the years finally paid off for Tony, with another, more detailed, close encounter in the fall of 1993.

Tony was working in the Mackin Creek area again when he spotted something unusual, but this time it was early enough in the evening to still be daylight. "When I first noticed it, it was hovering in the sky." Tony stopped working and took notice. The object was sandy/grey in color, shaped like a disc, and again, made no sound. But there was something else, even more unusual. "Flames would shoot out of the bottom of it."

Tony said the flames came shooting out from the bottom, center of the craft and wrapped around the sides for about two seconds. After that, he said, the flames would turn solid for another second, and then, no flames at all. It repeated this pattern three to four times before it settled down between the trees in the valley and went out of sight. The incident occurred 93km from Williams Lake on the Mackin Creek Road.

Tony said he is sure of what he saw but has rarely talked about the incidents. "I don't really talk about it, you know how people are about UFO's. They'll say I've been out in the bush for too long."

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