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Residents Report UFO Sightings

October 10, 2008

A triangular-shaped craft with huge white lights was spotted drifting over Fort Erie and Welland last week.
The sightings were reported on a UFO website maintained by investigator Brian Vike.

One witness, Julia, a Fort Erie woman who would only give her first name, said that what she saw in the early hours of Oct. 1 wasn't a plane.

"I got up early in the morning and it was still dark out," said Julia. "I opened my drapes and looked out and saw this huge triangular shaped craft coming slowly over the lumber yard."

Julia said that the craft was huge with five big white lights. She said the size of one white light was comparable to her bungalow off of Gilmore Road in Fort Erie.

She said the sighting lasted a minute or two and she heard no noise coming from the craft that was moving slowly.

"In the summer we sit outside all the time," said Julia. "So we know the flight paths of the planes. They usually come from the south, this came from the west."

She said the clouds were low because of the rain and it wasn't a very bright morning so it was easy to see the huge black object.

"It wasn't any kind of flying plane," said Julia. "I have no idea what it was."

The same sort of vessel was seen in Welland by a woman driving to Niagara Falls. She reported her sighting to Vike's blog but did not want to talk to The Post. According to the information she provided, the darkness of the night prevented her from clearly making out the shape of the object, but she did see the bright lights.

These sightings come on the heels of a sighting that occurred in late August in Bissell's hideaway in Pelham. Campers watched a bright orange fire-looking ball float through the night sky. Similar sightings were reported in other areas of the province around that same time.

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