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UFO Sightin At Whiteswan Lake, British Columbia

Date: July 9, 2002
Time: approx: 1:00 a.m.

Recalling our sighting at Whiteswan Lake

We were lying in our dingy looking at different masses of stars in the clear night sky. The big dipper was to our visual left as we where looking at what appeared to be a cluster of 6 fairly lined up even stars. Like the 6 on dice,( except the bottom two out of line a bit) as bright as the brightest stars, that's what we thought they where.

Seconds after my husband pointed out the cluster, they started to move enough that we looked at each other, back at them, and in amazement confirmed to each other that we saw them move. Then for the next (time?) couple/few minutes they performed. As we where on the water, excited about seeing the abundance of stars, I noted what we where seeing for my own recollection of what I knew was a memorable moment.

How I came to the conclusion that this is the area of our sighting is, I knew the Big Dipper location, and knew it would help me to target the spot we had just seen this happen at.

I followed across, as I have marked, in a line, from the handle of the Big Dipper, just across the bottom of the obvious constellation of Corona Borealis (didn't know the name of it at the time). Then I used the sets of 2 stars in a line (that look similar in their visual lineup,) the 2 stars at the point of the our sighting where the 3rd set of 2, following a line from the tip of the big dipper handle.

I can't say for positive I've targeted the exact spot, but until the sky changed recently, we where able to look up and target the spot, using the Big Dipper and Corona Borealis, following over to the left to the 2 star location, and the two sets of 2 similar spaced stars as the path to where we saw this.

I remember that night, feeling that I wanted to remember the spot we just saw this happen at, so I looked from the Big Dipper to the point it happened, back and forth several times, and decided that it appeared to be about the distance of the width of the Big Dipper twice.

I'm in the right area, just not absolutely sure at the actual point of the sighting. So Amazing, I'm shaking my head as I write this, they did maneuvers, and left in the far depths of the sky, no sounds, no blinking or flashing lights, they looked just like stars all the while this was happening.

Two of them left up and far above us, so far up they turned into pinpoints in the clear deep sky and disappeared, after we watched them jog position, speed up, go ahead, slow down, the other speed up, catch up, ,repeating this until they where out of sight, the other two, swooped around, out to the side, in circular motions, returning to their position of where we first thought they where stars.

One would swoop out and around then back to position, the other would do the same. The maneuvers where similar, but not the same. Each time they returned to the position we first saw them. When we watched the other 2 as they jogged up, deeper into the sky, coming high above us, turn to distant pinpoints and disappear, we looked back to see the 2 that where doing the circular motions and they where gone, only 2 stars where there. It was over, we sat in our dingy and talked about what we had just experienced and still do today.

If you have any questions I'll gladly answer them the best I can.

If you've heard/or hear of anything that you feel could be related to this please contact us,( hoping you do.)

Good Luck with your investigation. Thank You.

I wrote this for myself a few days after our sighting, and now I'd like to pass it on to you.

This was the camping, star watching trip of our life time. We don't have to convince anyone of what we saw. We both know, we shared the experience with each other.

The weather was beautiful, no clouds, no moon,the night sky was crystal clear and dense with stars. (name deleted by Brian Vike) and I went out and floated around in our rubber dingy, star and meteor watching. We'd been out on the water for about an hour, it was probably about 12:30-1:00 am when Don pointed out a large cluster of stars.

He commented "look at that bright cluster of stars". I turned, looking to the south west, and caught the cluster right away, because it stood out so obvious compared to the rest of the stars around it. Then what happened is beyond belief, four of them started to move around. My only words for the next few seemingly long seconds, as we both we're in amazement of what we were looking at was "Oh My God" "Oh My God" over and over again as we watched the four moving objects in the sky.

The group first looked like an arrangement of 6 stars. Similar to the arrangement of the 6 dots on a dice.(with other smaller,dimmer,less visible stars in the cluster). The bottom 2 stayed stable and the 4 above them started to shift, move around and

Could hardly believe what we were seeing, then the action started and they did maneuvers, each one maneuvering, and then returning to the formation. We fell into amazement with comments as we watched the lights, With Wow! Oh My God! Look what it Just did! Their moving like being steered! Not in straight lines, but in curves and turns. Unbelievable speed and smooth movement/turns! After several of these the 2 top one's started to move upward and away. As they moved away they jogged, up and down with each other, and we watched them until they were out of our sight. They became fainter, farther away, and closer together visually. (They moved up and away to the left.)

The bottom 2 during this time had been moving around and left our sight in the area we first spotted the group at. We couldn't break away from watching the 2 top ones as they jogged positions and were leaving upward. That was the last visual we recall of the bottom 2 is that they were moving around,maneuvering, spaced above the 2 actual stars, that at first seemed part of the formation. When if was over we were looking at 2 stars, all that was left of the bright formation ("of stars"?) (name deleted by Brian Vike) pointed out to me.

The maneuvers were beyond anything you could ever imagine, and as far as we know, there's nothing that we have on earth that could possibly move around like that, at that speed with the kind of movements they did. They appeared to be a great distance away, illuminated like bright stars.

The next night we went back and visually targeted the 2 actual stars at the spot were we saw the cluster, so we'll know for our own future reference where it was in the sky. We saw what will be at the top of the list of our Most Unbelievable/Memorable Life time Shared Moments.

Before we left we went out in our dingy, to where we saw this happen, and took a daylight landscape/sky picture. We'll mark the spots as we saw them when they caught our attention, at the 2 star location, above the mountain range.

So glad we saw this together, explaining it to someone means nothing compared to actually watching the occurrence with someone and talking about it with them, as it's happening in front of your eyes.

We know what we saw.

It was/is All So Definite and Clear

And we don't have to convince anyone

We have each other as our witness.

Oh My God!

Such An Amazing Experience.

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