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Dayton, Ohio Disc Shaped Craft Close Encounter (Audio Interview, Graphic And Maps)

Date: July 1982
Time: 6:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Disc

Full Description of event/sighting: To whom it may concern, I have had three UFO sightings in my life, all of them being daylight sightings. One when I was around eight years old, another when I was around 35 years old, but the one that I will describe is by far the very best. At the age of 26, I am now 50 years old.

It's been a long time since I made this sighting, but have visited the site approximately every other year to keep it fresh in my memory. The sighting occurred in the summer (July?) of 1982, in Dayton, Ohio within an approximate radius of four miles from Wright Patterson AFB.

I had just pulled up to a local watering hole after work (Filthy McNasty's was the name of the establishment, believe it or not) with my best friend who I worked/carpooled with. I am a tool design engineer and he is a tool and die maker. From our work experience, we both are very well trained in regards to knowing the size of things big and small.

Filthys is located approximately 300 yards from the great Miami River and about 100 yards from Rip Rap Road which parallels the river and lies between itself and the river. It basically sits in the middle of an abandoned field, surrounded by flat farm fields and woods.

The time was approximately 6:00 p.m., the weather was good, with a clear blue sky, with little or no wind. A typical, hot, humid, stagnant, miserable summer day in Ohio. (Can you tell how much I like the weather in Ohio)?

As I was saying, we had just pulled up in the parking lot with the car facing west. We got out and started walking north for about 100 feet to the entrance, when something (a movement/reflection?) to our left (south) caught both of out eyes at the same time.

At a distance of 100 yards (I have measured this) and at approximate height of 200 feet (we had trees in the foreground very close to the road that I have measured the height of, by comparing the objects height to the height of the trees which I feel confident of the height estimate) was a dull gray metallic round object. It almost looked like something out of a 1950's bad Sci-Fi movie. Two pie pans stacked facing each other with a streamlined "dome" on the top side only. The object was directly over the road and following it's course north at a speed of approximately 35 miles an hour. I have also measured this with myself standing in the exact spot and my friend driving the car on the road (and vice versa) at various speeds. We both picked the speed of 35 MPH.

The object was approximately 35 to 40 feet in diameter, I was a draftsman at the time, and had several size/angles of ellipse templates at work. So the following morning we stood at a distance of three feet from a wall which I had taped all of these templates to. With the object of this being to pick out what we thought the object looked like. Not only the size, but the projected angle (share/profile). We both did this by ourselves, without knowing what size or shape the other had picked. To my surprise we both picked the same shape, and more to my surprise, we were within approximately 10% of picking the same size. By using a little trigonometry and knowing a few measurements I calculated the size. So unless I am fundamentally wrong with how I did my calculations, I am very confident of the size that I estimate.

We also parked a Ford F-100 pickup out on the road and both of us stood in the "spot" and compared the size of the truck on the ground with the size of the object in the air. We both agreed that the object looked between two and three times the length of the truck, and so knowing the length of the truck, it fit really well with my calculations.

After we first spotted the object, it continued going north, at the same speed, following the path of the road. There were no erratic moments, no change in altitude, or any increase/decrease in speed. We both watched it for approximately 3 to 4 minutes until it was lost to sight in the haze a little above the horizon. After the object was lost to sight we went inside and discussed what we saw over a few cold beers.

What strikes me as odd, is that we didn't talk that much about it that night or after that. Maybe we were/are still dumbfounded by what we saw. This is not an exaggeration, if I saw a pickup truck at that height and distance, I wouldn't be able to tell you it's license plate number, but I damn sure could tell you what color, make and model it was.

There is one other thing that we both thought was very strange. There is a beach volleyball court in front of Filthy's and know more than 75 yards from the road. I would guess that there were between 15 and 20 people playing at the time. The net runs north and south, so half the people were facing east and the other half were facing west, and would have had an even closer view of the object than we did. I can see the half facing east missing it all together, but Ill be damned if I can figure out why no one player facing west spotted it.

We were both watching them for some reaction but there was not so much as a word said. We both were so dumbstruck that we just stood there with our jaws hanging on the ground and didn't raise the alarm to anyone. In fact we didn't say anything at all to each other the whole time except at the very beginning when I said, "What the hell is that !

To the best of my knowledge, all info contained in this statement is accurate and true. I know a fair amount about UFOs and the quality of the sighting/people.

So I have to tell you, this was a sweet one. No mysterious lights at night, and some moron wearing an Indian headdress claiming that he was whisked away to Venus (Maybe you've seen the film clips of this guy).

You have a multiple witness sighting, well trained, credible professionals.

You have a distance of no more than 125 yards away, with perfect viewing conditions.

I wouldn't have even reported this, except for the fact that it's been nagging at me for almost 25 years now. Maybe it will help me get rid of some of the nag. Plus, I like reading about sightings, so maybe someone will find this interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for listening.

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