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Saucer Full Of Secrets

Houston, B.C. "ufologist" seeks info on strange sights over Okanagan and East Kootenay.-

TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2003.?

By Carolyn Grant

"There's got to be a reasonable explanation but there were no aurora that night; it wasn't an airplane, it wasn't the space station. And what was this beam of light that sat there for over an hour? It's very unusual." Brian Vike, Ufologist

KIMBERLEY - - Was there really something in the east Kootenay skies in the early morning hours of July 28th 2003? Several weeks ago the Daily Bulletin/Daily Townsman reported that a Cranbrook resident witnessed a low flying, slow-moving white light in the sky over St. Mary's Lake. The light appeared to travel in zig-zag pattern and made no noise.

While the Kimberley RCMP said that no one had called in any similar reports, Mr. Brian Vike, a self described "Ufologist" in Houston, British Columbia, has been contacted by 23 people, from Kamloops to Jaffray, who say they saw something between the hours of 12.30 a.m. to 2 a.m. on the night in question.

Mr. Vike owns and operates HBCC UFO Research, a website which documents UFO sightings in Canada. Vike also does UFO updates on talk radio all over North America. The Houston, Terrace, Smithers area is a hot bed of UFO sightings, he says.

UFOlogist Seeks Info:

"It's the whole Highway 16 area, Vike said. "It's phenomenal the amount of reports I get."

In fact, Vike says that the UFO sightings are even causing a little tourist boom in the area. "People are interested in coming to the area when they hear my reports on the radio," he said. "It's good promotion for the area. It may be a little strange, but when I'm talking about UFO sightings, I also talk about the area; the scenery, the fishing, the camping."

There has been some media interest in the UFO sightings in the Houston area. Several local papers have done stories and Vike says the Life Network was in the area filming last February.

Vike says he doesn't particularly believe in "aliens" rather he is interested in explaining the unexplained.

"In B.C. alone last year there were 176 sightings. A lot of them have explanations. For instance, recently there was a report of a ball of orange fire in the south eastern sky. It ended up being the planet Mars, which is very visible this month. There's meteors, there's space debris; there's the northern lights. But there definitely are a number of sightings that you just can't explain."

The St. Mary's sighting falls into the unexplained category. Here's what Vike says... he has collected so far.

"First of all a huge bright coloured object was witnessed by a number of residents who have already sent in their reports to me. Also just after this object passed through the night sky, a ray of white light was witnessed sitting stationary in the sky from horizon to horizon. Within the ray of light, it rotated and had a black line, or shadow, on the one side of it. This lasted for well over an hour and stayed stationary. It didn't move at all until it dissipated."

Vike says the 23 reports he has seen are independent. "They are coming from Kamloops, through Vernon, then Kimberley, then Jaffray." he said.... "I'd like to see if there are others who saw it. I spoke to a woman from Vernon yesterday who says she saw it from her apartment balcony. There had to have been others who saw it too."

"As for the object that was first reported, I do know the international space station was visible around the time of the sighting. But we've ruled out the space station because of how low the light was and how slowly it moved. As for the beam, or ray of light, we believe this was left behind from the object itself, but certainly have no idea at this time what it was."

"We have a bright light, heading in a south-east line. It was seen by several people. It was low down. There's got to be a reasonable explanation but there were no aurora that night; it wasn't an airplane; it wasn't the space station. And what was this beam of light that sat there for over an hour? It's very unusual".

If all the reports from Kimberley and area aren't enough to peak your interest, there's more. On the evening of the 27th, a bright, white light was reported over Houston. On July 31st another bright light, moving at low altitude in a zig-zag pattern, making no noise, was reported over Houston. Other sightings have been reported in the Enderby area at the end of July.

If you saw something strange in the sky the night of July 27/28, Vike wants to hear from you. You can call him toll free at 1 866 262 1989 or email

For full text of the eye witness accounts, including those from Jaffray and Kimberley, go to Vike's website at:

In the meantime, keep your eyes on the skies.

Incidentally, the view of Mars this month is reported to be the best any human being will ever see. During the four days, August 25 - 28, 2003, Mars is closer to earth than any time before in human history. The red planet will be in opposition to the sun.

Opposition occurs when a planet is "opposite" to the sun as viewed from earth. During opposition Mars will rise in the south-east while the sun sets in the north-west. On August 27 2003, Mars and Earth are at their closest. Only 55,758,006 kilometers apart, almost 30% closer than an average opposition. Viewing will be best between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

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