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Victoria, British Columbia UFO Hovering 100 Feet From The Ground

Date: July 1, 2001
Time: approx: 9:20 p.m. (dusk)

I received a telephone call from a man who resides in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He reports that himself and two other friends saw an object sitting at approx: 100 feet from the ground. The sighting took place right downtown in Victoria, B.C. over the Calwood Hills. (Witnesses description to where the object was seen). He said there is the break water running along Dallas Road, and from here you can look over what is called the Calwood Hills, in the Calwood area which is over a small stretch of water called the Esquimalt Lagoon. The witnesses were out taking a walk right down at the waters edge at sunset and fortunately one of the men had a pair of binoculars with him. One of the fellows looked up and thought he was seeing a very large airplane over the Calwood Hills. The distance between the witnesses and the hills was approx: 3 to 4 miles away.

When they all realized what they were seeing was not an airplane they got very excited and went on to explain the shape of the object to me. One witnesses described the object as being tube shaped, or like the fuselage of a large aircraft just sitting stationary in one position. Even though the sun was setting behind the craft, they could see it glowing brightly from the objects side facing the three men. It was slightly tilted at about a 20 degree angle then moved slowly down behind the hills. The men stood watching for approx; 20 minutes more to see if they could catch another glimpse of it. It was about 9:45 p.m. and completely dark at this time when the object came back up and sat just above the trees. Finally they remembered they had the binoculars with them, and started to pass them around so everyone could get a good look at it. After watching it for about another 10 minutes it slowly dropped back down again. Due to having a young child with them at the time, and it was getting cooler they decided to head back home.

The fellow I talked with still went on with a few more details about what he had saw. When the object dropped down for the last time, he said it would have been right over a small lake, called Prospect Lake which is spring fed. He also said the lake itself was only a half kilometer across at the most. After thinking about it, he wondered if the object was dropping down to pick up water. The fellow claims that what was witnessed was larger than two of the biggest aircraft he knows of, even with them being so far away. There were no wings visible on the structure.

I would like to thanks the folks for the report.

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