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Sasquatch Prints Under The Groat Road Bridge, Edmonton Alberta River Valley

Date: May 7 and 28, 2006 Time: Daytime

Location: Edmonton River Valley (Alberta)

Hi Brian, It's been a while since I've had anything interesting to report, last thing I reported was back in February, "Between Bruderheim and Lamont, Alberta ball of white light lit up the sky" which was passed on from my friend's brother.

I recently read "Inside the mind of Brian Vike" and it reminded me that I ought to send you these pictures of Sasquatch handprint and footprints right here under the Groat Road bridge in the Edmonton River Valley. I also seem to have possible UFO photos also. But first thing first.

May 7th 2006 I got bored of reading about Sasquatch so for the fun of it I decided to head out into the River Valley and just go looking for animal prints. I wasn't looking for Sasquatch, just figured I'd spend the early morning looking for coyote & deer prints. I ventured up the river by bicycle using the multi-trails to the area behind Fort Edmonton Park and John Jansen nature centre. A big beaver scared the day lights out of me as at first I thought it was a coyote, but nope, was a beaver.

In the same area just for the fun of it I used the stick I had been walking with to knock on a big rock like Sasquatch supposedly knocks. Knocked 3 times, waited about a minute, nothing, so I turned around and was going to head back home until I heard a "whoop whoop whoop" sound coming from across the river. I was on the south side of the river and the sounds came from a very heavily dense forested area on the northern side. Now I thought maybe it was a loon? But it really did sound more baboon. Anyways I convinced myself it was just a loon and kept walking and that's when I heard these blood curdling screams!

It sounded like a woman being attacked, real freaky and that really got my attention. I eventually made my way over to the other side and didn't find much but some deer bones. The forest was way too thick for me to even try to venture through, plus I was by myself and didn't want to enter alone. So I headed back home and reported what I heard on West Coat Sasquatch Research message board. (

You can find it there under "on the track of the Sasquatch" entitled "Backyard Bigfoots in Edmonton Area" but no one seemed to care, so I gave up on it.

May 28, 2006 I went fishing under the Groat Rd Bridge and came across a huge handprint and footprints and what looked like a Sasquatch had slid in the mud, really if it wasn't for the handprint I probably wouldn't of really noticed anything else.

So I took some pictures as I carry my digicam with me when I go fishing as I catch and release all the time. Again I reported this to the message board but again no one seemed to care, even linked my yahoo photo album so others could see I wasn't making this up. No one responded!

Man those prints, kind of a dream come true for me, I didn't see one (Sasquatch) but I came across it's prints, good enough for me. So I will link you to the album for you yourself to see and if you want I could even email you some pictures, though I've never seen any pictures of Sasquatch on hbccufo, so not sure if you are interested, the handprint is pretty cool though! Attached is a few pictures. Seems Sasquatch fell down! For more see Last Album entitled "prints under the bridge"

(Brian Vike's, The Vike Factor Note: I guess due to my website being a UFO related site folks may not know that I have a good number of Sasquatch/Bigfoot stories on the site as I am also very interested in adding these types of stories to the website. I have been out looking into two reported Sasquatch sightings in the north where I am and have found it to be fascinating. So if you have a Sasquatch experience, please fell free to contact me here at The Vike Factor.)

Additional Information:

Definitely will send you some of the most clear and best shots of the handprint, footprints, crater where it looks like it slid and fell. Funny as I came across those prints I had pretty much given up on Sasquatch in the river valley as no one seemed to care, but voila! there they were. I kind of get the creeps now when I venture in there. The next day I went back with a tape measure and measured and did all I could to record the prints aside from plaster casting, never attempted and that was the main reason why I had originally gone out the first time to look for coyote or deer tracks to see if I could find some to later return and maybe practice plaster casting before I came across something good to plaster cast, but I'm not that interested in Sasquatch searching much anymore, kind of had my fill. I don't know if the West Coast group thought I was faking them or not, but really if I would want to fake something like this I would of done it where I go camping in Jasper, not in the middle of the city, would seem more realistic to find tracks in Jasper than in Edmonton.

The pictures of the prints really don't do them any justice, was the main reason I went back the next day with the tape measure and also my mind was kind of in denial about it so I had to go back and see them again, just to make sure I really had taken pictures of what I thought! And make sure I wasn't been hoaxed, which I hardly believe I was, I will send you more pictures, one has my bootprints and the depth is so noticeable! I went back there 3 weeks ago and most have been washed away, only thing remaining was abit of the handprint as it was so close to the concrete wall.

You can listen to the telephone interview with Brian Vike and witness, he was the person who found the tracks:
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