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UFO Sightings On Increase

Fort St. James, Caledonia Courier, 1976 by Shelley Hallock

The area surrounding Fort St. James has in recent years experienced a dramatic increase in the sightings of what, for want of a better description are termed "unidentified flying objects", or UFO's. The majority of these objects have been sighted on the north side of Murray Ridge, in the vicinity of Tezzeron and Pinchi Lakes, particularly in the area surrounding the Cominco mercury mine at Pinchi Lake.

In the last two weeks however, there have been at least three sightings of unidentified objects in the immediate vicinity of the Village itself. The first reported to us took place Monday evening, October 24th. An object described as a very bright sphere of red light was seen in the sky near one mile hill on the North Road, and the couple who saw the object reported the incident to the local
RCMP. Upon investigation, an RCMP officer also saw the object and later reported it to be approximately the same size as a Volkswagen bug.

He estimated the object to be about 300 feet in the air. After reading the report of the sighting in last week's Courier, another local man related a similar experience to me. He said he was driving north along Sowchea Road Tuesday evening, October 25th when he noticed what he thought to be the moon hovering just over the trees to his right. At the time the fellow was driving along the straight stretch of highway between Pitka Bay and the Lakeland Harbour corner.

He said that when he first noticed the 'moon', he thought it to be particularly pretty and rather startlingly low on the horizon. He said it appeared to be glowing with an orangy, reddish colour and was anxious to reach the Lakeland Harbour turnoff, where he thought he would be able to obtain a better view. He was sure the object was in the area of Dickinson's Mountain, which is clearly visible from the Parmill log yard. When he turned the corner, however, the 'moon' was no longer there. The sky was clear and he could see the stars, but the 'moon' was simply gone. Then he realized that the moon was indeed in the sky, and that the object he had seen could not possibly have been the moon.

He hurried home.

Even more unsettling was an experience related to me by 18 year old Kirk Alore and his 17 year old girlfriend, Mary-Anne Sampson. Alore had his first experience with a "UFO" in January of this year. He was travelling between Prince George and Vanderhoof when he sighted a strange object hovering over his truck. He then blacked out and when he awoke some twenty minutes later, found himself in the passenger seat of the vehicle. He didn't know what happened during the twenty minutes, but he did know he was scared..Alore's second experience with a "UFO" took place at 11:25 p.m. Thursday, November 3rd, and was also very frightening.

Alore and Sampson had driven out to Colony Point on the old Paaren's Beach road, parked their truck and went for a stroll down the road. The couple noticed what appeared to be a sphere of glowing red light hovering behind some trees on the south shore of Stuart Lake, and thinking it was the moon, started to walk towards it. They then observed that the sphere was more like a half-sphere, rounded on the bottom and relatively flat on the top. As they came closer to the object, several "sparks" flew off it, and the couple departed post haste to their truck.

Miss Sampson described the "sparks" as being blue in colour, and Alore said he thought them to be the size of baseballs. Both said they would estimate the size of the object as similar to a Volkswagen bug, and both estimated it's distance from them at not more than 100 yards. The young couple turned their truck around and headed for town, and were frightened when they noticed the object seemed to be following them.

The couple drove from the Paaren's Beach road to the Illerbrun residence, a distance of approximately half a mile, and the half-sphere followed them, hovering at tree top level. Just before the couple reached the Illerbrun home, the strange object crossed the road in front of their truck, and continued to follow them, still hovering at tree top level. Alore and Sampson drove in to the Illerbrun residence and phoned the RCMP.

When members of the local RCMP detachment investigated the site where the young couple had first seen the strange object, they could find no tangible evidence of the craft, but noted a peculiar odour in the general area, which became stronger as they approached the exact spot of the first sighting. They likened the odour to that of burnt electrical wiring, and could offer no explanations.

Whatever the explanation of these strange craft is? we don't have it. Nor do any of the citizens who have seen the unidentified objects. All we know for sure is that they do exist, whatever they are, and they appear to be very interested in this part of the country. Keep your eyes on the skies? you may be the next person to see one of these strange objects.

He said a reasonably accurate estimate of the size of the UFO (or UFOs) was accomplished by a technique known as triangulation. "Triangulation relies on the observation of an object from different vantage points at the same time. This method was employed six times to obtain six estimates for the size of the UFO," he said.

Jasek said by using this technique, he estimates the UFO to range anywhere from .88 of a kilometer to two kilometers in length.

After reviewing all his research, he's convinced that there was something in the sky that December night that can't be explained.

I think the evidence is overwhelming. It's just a matter of acceptance and getting used to the idea," Jasek said.

To some people, it may indicate there's extraterrestrial involvement. based on the evidence I've seen, it's the most logical explanation. As to what they're doing here, we're not sure. But that's one of the things we'd like to find out."

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