Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miners See Lights In The Night Sky

It traveled at a tremendous speed. In seconds it would be way up and then way over," said a Gibraltar Mines employee recounting a sighting of a darting light seen by night shift workers about 20 years ago.

The man, who preferred not to give his name, said his supervisor first pointed it out to him and they drove to a better vantage point to get a look.

"We couldn't make anything out. It was just a light." Everyone was watching the light and talking about it over the radios he said. They were amazed at the speed it was traveling. "You know it wasn't a helicopter or a plane or anything like that because of the speed. It was so fast." The light was moving across the sky in the Soda Creek area, across the Fraser River. Ironically, right over the man's home where his wife and children lay asleep.

At 3:00 a.m. the man rushed to a phone to call home. "I was thinking it was some kind of a practical joke. I didn't like being awakened. I was angry," said the man's wife. The man only asked that his wife open the door and look outside, offering her no explanation. "I opened the door and saw it hovering directly above the neighbors house."

She described it as a round object with a soft glow of light coming from windows surrounding the center of the craft. Because of the illumination, she could see some details of the outline. "It was round and had, what sort of looked like, a lid on the top part." She says it was about half the size of the house it hovered above. Once she had a quick look at it, she closed the door and told her husband, who was waiting on the line, what she saw.

"I was alone with two small children. I was scared." The woman said seeing a UFO is something she'll never forget. "I know what I saw ... But it's like anything else, people who haven't seen what you've seen ... they belittle you." As for the mine employees, the man said after that night, no one ever talked about the event again.

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