Saturday, October 17, 2009

Northwest Woman Steps Up With Tale Of Sasquatch

Delores Harries has had an encounter that she’ll never forget.

The Houston, B.C., native has been talking this week about a Sasquatch she claimed she saw running from her property in the early-morning hours one July day this year.

“I thought at first it was my son coming home from work but I realized it was the wrong time of day for him to come home from work and when I opened the door my dogs went running by me and I heard a crash in the neighbours’ bush,” said Harries.

Houston-based UFO and Sasquatch researcher Brian Vike believes the footprints allegedly found at the site were left by a Sasquatch.

Vike, said that he has seen footprints around the Houston area that makes him believe the tall furry man-imals not only exists, but are becoming increasingly more visible in Northwest B.C.

According to him, there have been two Sasquatch sightings in Houston this year alone and one sighting in Moricetown, just west of Houston.

“It’s a blast,” said Vike of the recent spate of sightings. “I’m not a Bigfoot guy but hey, nobody else is doing it around here.”

According to Vike, the most accurate account of a Sasquatch sighting was Harries’, who on July 25 at 6:15 a.m. opened her backdoor to let her dogs inside. The dogs had been scratching at the door trying to get in. After lying down, the dogs were suddenly alerted to something going on outside and ran back to the door. At that time, the door’s knob was rattling. Letting the dogs out, Harries stood on her back porch and saw something to the eastside running across her property line on two legs.

“She is very credible about it,” said Vike.

Vike examined the spot where the Houston woman said she had encountered the fabled beast and said that he could see a Sasquatch footprint as plain as the morning sky.

“There is one spot you can definitely see where I would say something heavy, not a cow, but something real large in size has made a print,” said Vike. “The ground was really roughed up and whatever roughed it up really sunk down.”

Vike is not committed to the idea that Sasquatch population is on the rise in the Northwest but he also isn’t discounting the possibility. And he doesn’t discount even odder coincidences.

“A lot of Sasquatch researchers do not believe that UFOs and Sasquatch go hand-in-hand. I don’t know either. But I must admit there are cases where the Bigfoot sighting has been quickly followed by a UFO sighting,” said Vike.

Asked why he thought there is growing interest in Sasquatch sightings, Vike said that it stems from a desire for the bizarre.

“It’s different. A lot people get tired of the regular bad news stuff and this Sasquatch stuff is a little lighter, a little more interesting, perhaps a bit of a mystery and so I think that’s why,” said Vike.

As for Harries, she discounted the possibility of it being a bear that she saw because, having lived in the Houston area for 15 years and seen plenty of bears, she is sure one could not be that tall. And she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

“Some people believe me, some people don’t. I know what I saw,” said Harries.

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