Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prince George, British Columbia Two UFOs Linked Together

Date: 1999 ?
Time: not known yet

In 1999 in Prince George I was just getting into my car..Which was located close to the bypass near the Fraser river. I was at my friends place and I was just leaving when I turned around to wave I saw 2 very large circles linked together by grooves like inside of a watch. The circles were about the size of the Crop Circles in Vanderhoof around that time (That is the only sense that I have made out of this whole thing since the sighting)

Anyway they moved across the sky, one way then the other way. Like east to west. It did this about 4 times and then I got out of sorts and got into my car and drove away. I didn't stay until it flew off somewhere else. I just left ! Since then I have been trying to wrap my mind round it. I have just recently found this site. Please get back to me.

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