Friday, February 25, 2011 UFO Newsletter Issue #6

Date Of Release: February 25, 2011

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Moon Sized UFO And Missing Time For Husband And Wife On Holidays

Date: Late August 1977

Dear Brian, here's a experience involving the moon. We left for vacation driving at night from Vegas to Colo, this happened in late August 1977. We left the house about midnight, took the old Salt Lake Highway out of Vegas and had just crossed from Nevada into Utah. I was watching the sky as usual and I remember it was full moon and things were very bright, for some reason the desert really lights up in moon light and we could see a long distance.

I had been looking out the back window, (at this point in my life I didn't actually know for sure why I was always so watchful of the night sky.) I did know there were a lot of sightings in my life from the time I was a teenager and later remembered another when I could been no more than 8 or 9 years old. Once I remembered the abductions it really went back to pre school, with what I thought was skeletons around my bed at night. I think it would be easy for a child to mistake greys for skeletons.

At any rate I was looking at the Big Dipper laying low in the sky and the moon was coming up farther to the east. When I turned back facing forward I noticed for a second what looked like the moon to my right higher in the sky, I realized it should not be in that position. I spoke to my husband, he didn't answer, he stared straight a head like he was in a trance. I grabbed the arm rest and rolled down the window to see better. It wasn't the moon as it was descending at a pretty fast rate, but it was a large round white light that looked to be the shape of a ball coming down toward us.

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