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Triangular UFO And On A Different Night UFO Hovers Over Highway At Transcona Manitoba

 (From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Date: 1975 or 1976
Time: Evening.

Brian, with regards to your recent phone conversation concerning UFOs, the following are the events which I witnessed, each several months apart, in 1975 or 1976

I've included as much detail as I can recall, perhaps more than necessary, but you can edit it. I hope I have explained it well enough to make sense. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or if it is not clear enough.

The occurrences regarding the "star" which enlarged to the size of a large moon (though oval instead of round like the moon) is the one which is completely unlike anything I have ever heard or read about. If you know of a similar sighting, I would be very interested in hearing or reading about it.

I think my daughters (names removed) and others who know me, would agree that I'm quite stable minded, not easily excited, and I question everything !

Thank you for your interest.

In July, 1973, I moved with my husband and my daughter, aged 11, into a house on the western outskirts of Transcona, a Winnipeg suburb. It was part of a new government development, one block of houses backed by government owned Condos.

The houses, all along one side of the street, faced older, privately owned homes across from us. It was a couple of years before we got cement sidewalks and street and another couple before streetlamps were installed. At the eastern end of our street, Plessis Road, was well-lit and part of the older section of Transcona. Our new street, Kernaghan Ave., was only one block long.

I believe it was the Summer and fall of 1975 or 1976 when several unexplained events occurred, months apart.

Incident #1

On a beautiful sunny day, my husband and I were chatting with a neighbor lady in front of our house. At about the same moment, we all noticed two triangular - appearing objects, gleaming against a clear, cloudless blue sky in the north, northwest.

We couldn't determine if the outward projection was part of the main object or a short, powerful energy steam, certainly not like the jet-stream of some aircraft. It was more solid looking and bright. They shone like stars, probably from the sun which was in the northwest, and the object were absolutely motionless for perhaps 3 to 5 minutes.

Then, in perfect unison, they shot upward, then turned very sharply and sped away in a north, northeastern direction and disappeared. The entire motion took only a second or less.

We couldn't judge the altitude, although they appeared to be about the size of large, bright stars. We agreed that the speed had to be in excess of 2000 miles per hour, probably a gross understatement.

Incident #2

One evening I went to bed while my husband stayed up to read in the living room. It was around 10:00 p.m., or so, but I couldn't sleep. After about a half hour, for no reason other than restlessness (it was very quiet), I got up and stood at the window which faces north.

I was gazing at the stars which were bright against the dark sky. No streetlamps had been installed yet which made the stars more visible than we normally see in the city.

When I turned my attention to the right, the northeast, I caught sight of what appeared to be a star, then a plane, but it was moving very erratically toward the northwest. It stopped every 5 to 20 seconds, as a plane will appear to do when changing directions. But in this case the bright light never stopped or dimmed, but remained steady. It would stop, with no regularity as to distance between stops, and then continue on it's path.

I was quite fascinated and continued to watch it as it made its way across the sky in this fashion, as though it’s intention was to be seen. When it reaches a point in the northwest, it began to curve southward and continued in it's stop and go pattern.

When it appeared, I would lose sight of it. I ran through the living room to the front door, insisting that my husband come too. We went outside and stood on the sidewalk facing west. Beyond the end of the street was open prairie, undeveloped for several miles and quite dark at night. The lights from Winnipeg could be seen on the horizon beyond that. Even there, the sky was dark and stars clearly seen.

My husband and I stood silently watching the "star" as it continued its southward path. When it was exactly in line with our sidewalk, it stopped for a few seconds, then suddenly it zoomed toward us in a direct line (more than half the distance, I would guess) and as it came towards us it increased in size until it became the size of a large moon, like a harvest moon, except oval in shape.

It glowed in a very bright, yet soft light and seemed to pulse as it hovered there for perhaps ten seconds. Then it zoomed back to it’s original size and position. It stayed there for a few more seconds (10-15), then continued its journey southward and we soon lost sight of it as it disappeared behind the black silhouette of tall trees.

I turned to my husband, who looked stunned, and asked him, "did you see what I saw and what it did?"

He shook his head and went inside and refused to talk about it. He later denied he'd seen anything unusual and I never spoke to him about it again. He seemed quite shaken at the time and I felt that he might have been afraid.

However, I'm not so sure of that now, in light of another event concerning another neighbor.

Incident #3

Later one night, perhaps close to midnight, I sat alone in the living room, reading. The house was in darkness except for my reading lamp. The sofa where I sat faced the larger window, looking north, and the drapes were partly open. Outside, it was very dark and the sky was covered with an unusually thick layer of very dark clouds which I hadn't noticed earlier. They were very low.

Very suddenly, the entire room lit up as bright as daylight and I rushed to the window in time to see a bright light above the clouds, moving toward the north. I couldn't see the craft, but judging from the expanse of light coming through the clouds, it appeared to be the size of a football field, this is the nearest description I can give.

It was moving steadily, directly northward until it vanished from my sight, rather slowly. I would guess no more than 40 to 50 miles per hour, and there was absolutely no sound or vibration of any kind, nor any other sound or activity from any local source.

I know it was not a signal light from the Winnipeg airport which was more then 10 miles to the west, because on the few occasions when I observed that light, it moved in an arc, counter clockwise, and the circular path was evident, besides which it would have reflected on the underside of the clouds.

Image Right: Brian Vike, Canadian UFO investigator/host of the Vike Report radio show and editor of the Canadian Communicator Magazine.

The light I saw moved in a straight direct path northward until it faded and disappeared.

In time, I got to know another neighbor who lived across the street on Kernaghan Avenue and we became friends. One day I told her about the incident (#2) concerning the "star" that became huge, and mentioned my husband's reaction and refusal to discuss it. She then told me of her strange experience.

A few years earlier, she and her husband had been driving home to Winnipeg (Transcona), her husband at the wheel. It was quite late and very dark and still some miles from the city. They suddenly saw a very large bright ball, fiery orange/red which descended from the sky and stopped, perhaps 10 feet above the road, quite low, and appeared to be in the diameter, roughly the width of the highway.

Her husband slowed the car, and stopped. Perhaps 200 yards or so before the object. It was apparent they would not be able to continue and would have been foolish to attempt the drive under and passed it. They watched in silence for what seemed to be several minutes as it hovered above the road. Then it lifted off, going straight upward until it disappeared from sight. She said they never spoke the rest of the way home and she assumed he was as stunned as she was.

However, the following day, upon recalling the incident, she tried to discuss it with him, but he claimed he saw no such thing and had no recollection of stopping the car.

Is it possible that both he and my husband really did not witness these things and were perhaps in some sort of trance?

We moved from Kernaghan Avenue in September of 1988 and I have not seen these neighbors since. During the years 1974, 1975, 1976, my husband was away a lot, working up north on hydro dam projects. There were many changes in my life and I put the events behind me. Never recording dates or events, but the details are still vivid in my mind.

My husband and I separated in 1986 and later divorced. He died in May 2003.

I have heard many strange stories from people whose honesty I trust, who are reluctant to confide except in someone they believe is trustworthy, and so I consider myself fortunate in this regard.

I only believe what I cannot find any other explanation for, and I also believe that there will be many more such occurrences in the future.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

 Brian Vike (Retired)
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

Email: sighting@telus.net

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

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