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UFO Lands And Alien Beings Take Two Men Aboard The Craft At Connersville Indiana (Audio Report)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

In the audio interview, detail is provided about what was seen by the eyewitness.  (Audio Below)

Note from Brian Vike – I typed up some of what was taking place from the audio interview, but there is a lot more that was going on in the area. This can be heard on the audio.

Date:  1973

Brian Vike spoke to a lady by the name of Barb, (Barb is not the ladies real name) who related information about a UFO which had landed. The information came from family members.

Here is how the lady I spoke to found out about this UFO incident we are talking about in this report. She went over to her cousins, Donald Wagner’s home which was in Connersville, Indiana.

She walked up to the house and entered to see a woman sitting on the couch crying. Barb asked Donald, what was the matter with the lady who was crying, Donald said, you didn’t hear about what took place last night, of course she said no.

Donald went on to tell Barb that the lady was upset because the military had taken her husband, along with another man for investigation and were not going to release them for a couple of weeks, this had the women very upset as you can imagine.

Barb wondered what happened and why the  military would be involved.

Barb was told that last night a UFO landed in a factory’s parking lot. The craft landed between work shifts, which had workers coming and going from the factory, and they were all dumbfounded as to what they were witnessing.

Barb was told the police arrived and saw this, plus the many employees at the plant. Everyone continued to watch what was unfolding when two alien beings (aliens described as having almond shaped eyes and pear shape head) were observed floating towards two men.

One man fainted, and the other man seemed to be some how communicating with the alien being. Then this man (this was the husband of the lady who was so upset) bent down, picked up his buddy who had fainted and carried him into the UFO, following the two beings.

Barb was told the two men were in the UFO craft for a short period, while the UFO was still on the ground, then later the two men were seen coming out of the craft, but one was still carrying the other.

At this point of the conversation I had with Barb, she said the other part of the story she got was, the military stepped in after the UFO had left, took the two men into custody for observation. Barb said that was all she knew at this point.

Now the next day (Barb told me she was going through a divorce and that she was hiding out from her husband with her two children as he was not a very nice man) she went to her mother-in-laws or sister-in-laws, I could not quite make out who it was, but they were very good friends and Barb told her what it was she heard. Then all of a sudden, this close friend said, do I have a story for you!

There is alot more you have to hear on this audio report. This entire conversation, or what I was told is nothing short of amazing.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Below is the link for an audio report Brian Vike did with the eyewitness.

If anyone has any information about this case, I would love to hear about it. All person information is respected and not given out unless I have your permission to do so. You can write to me, Brian Vike at

Thank you to UFOINFO for sending the case to me for additional follow up.

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