Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Witness Watches Multiple UFOs Which Causes Major Problems With Telephone Interview In Castlegar British Columbia (Audio Reports)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Castlegar, British Columbia.

A man called me up and and wanted to file a UFO sighting which was happening as we spoke on the telephone. Actually he called first from his truck and he was using a radio phone, but it became almost impossible to have a conversation as the static got that bad.

When he arrive home, he called again, this time from his home phone, which was a land line. Again the telephone reception became really bad. It may have been the UFOs which caused the problems, as the fellow called once again after the objects left the night sky, the phone conversation was as clear as a bell.

In the audio interview, detail is provided about what was seen by the eyewitness.

Castlegar, British Columbia Radio Interview.

A radio station called which was out of Castlegar, British Columbia. They heard about a great number of UFO sightings taking place in and around the Castlegar, British Columbia area. Actually the reports were coming out of the Kootenay’s which covers a good sized area.

This audio clip was a taped interview with someone at the radio station. I provide details on what had been going on in their area.

In the audio interview, detail is provided about what people are seeing in the area, and roughly how many.

Thank you to everyone who filed a report and  thank you to the radio station for helping to get the word out.

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