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Two Security Guards Watch Black Triangle UFO Fly Over Hobbema Alberta

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Date: Fall 2005
Time: After 1:00 a.m.

Location of Sighting: Hobbema.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangular.

UFO Investigator Brian Vike Note: I would like to point out that this UFO incident has never been told before to anyone. The reason why I mention this is, there are I would bet thousands of sightings out there that folks, for whatever reason have never come forward to tell their story.

If anyone has had a UFO experience of any kind and has not reported, please do take some spare time to file a report to me over what it was you saw. Your personal information will remain totally private.

Full Description of event/sighting: If want more info you can call me. I'm not a good typist.

Below the report from my telephone interview with the eyewitness.

Brian Vike telephoned one of the eyewitnesses to the sighting that took place back in the Fall of 2005. I had a really nice conversation with one of the witnesses, both of the fellows who saw the craft are security guards.

The sighting took place at Hobbema, Alberta which is located about a one hours drive south from Edmonton, Alberta, or just south of Wetaskiwin. Hobbema is on a native reserve.

The two men were working as security guards for one of the native bands and had just got on their regular shift at midnight and started making their rounds in the small village.

Awhile into their first check of the community, they noticed a strange light in the distance which appeared to be coming in their direction and seemed to be very low in altitude.

The fellows were driving along on a dirt road in the truck when this large craft, football field in size with three orange colored lights which were located on the three points of the large triangular craft passed slowly and directly overhead of them.

The driver of the truck stopped the vehicle and both of the men decided to get out and stood there observing the large UFO. The triangular craft sat stationary at a low altitude over a field (Pow Wow grounds) just a short distance away from the security guards.

Both men stood stunned as to what they were seeing. There was no question at all when figuring out the shape of the object as it was darker in color that the night sky.

The UFO made not sound, also another thing the men noticed was the crickets and dogs that normal would be making alot of noise were silent.

After approximately 30 seconds to a minute at most, the passenger of the vehicle started freaking out at the driver as he was trying to get the trucks spotlight turned to illuminate the craft and surrounding area.

The passenger was scared and demanded that they leave the area where the craft was right away. So both men got into the truck and started to move, and as they drove slowly along the dirt road the triangular UFO moved along with them, pretty much pacing the men's vehicle.

Meanwhile inside the truck the passenger is really going off at the driver, telling him to get moving faster so they could get out of the area.

The driver mentioned to me that he told the passenger that they will most likely never get a chance to see something like this again and the driver slowed the truck and they came to a stop, arguing about what they wanted to do.

As the vehicle came to a brief stop, the UFO started to pick up a little speed and so did the truck, in other words the driver wanted to try to keep up with the craft.

In the meantime the passenger is swearing at the driver to stop as he was going to get out of the vehicle and walk in the opposite direction the UFO was traveling. The driver stopped the truck to let his friend/co-worker out, he glanced again at the object and it shot off towards the east and was gone. The driver said it was out of sight in an instant.

I would like to thank the witness for taking the time with me on the telephone and for sharing his experience.

Brian Vike (Retired)
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.


The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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