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An Amazing Emotional UFO Encounter At Knox County Lucky Point Indiana (Audio Interview)

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Date:  March 2, 2001 (possibly April) ?
Time:  Approx: 9:30 p.m.

Approach Direction: North
Departure Direction: West
Witness Direction: North

Brian Vike's Note: My friend and colleague Mr. John Hayes operates UFOINFO sent along a report, to see if I would like to follow up on this case.

I wrote to the eyewitnesses and set up a time that would be convenient for the people to do a telephone interview over what they saw. I called today, (May 11, 2005) and talked with a wonderful lady who explained what took place on March/April 2, 2001 in Knox County Lucky Point, Indiana.

The sighting itself sounds amazing and video footage was taken of what the folks witnessed. At one point in the telephone conversation the lady gets very emotional, wondering what might have happened if a helicopter hadn't flown by at the time of this event.

Please read the report John has sent along to me below, also below the written report, there is an audio file of "some" of the conversation I had with the lady today.

The video footage is being sent to me so it can be looked at and in hopes one might be able to help figure out what the people saw that evening. Also I would like to point out, in the written report, the lady states that the object would zoom in and out, which will be seen on the video footage.

She wanted to make sure I understood that it was not them zooming the camera in and out, but rather this was the object that kept approaching them, and then moving away.

The object did this a number of times and again caught on film until it left the area. There is also going to be some other interesting things that was captured on film, so I am very much looking forward to viewing, and having the tape looked at.

Something else I would like to stress, that is these people want answers. They want the film to be analyzed in hopes of finding an answer.

I will post the footage after I receive it and update everyone then. Brian Vike.

Description: You have another report on this site of the same location. Under your 1999 reports. It is known as a UFO hotspot. And it did not disappoint when my husband and I were there. Lucky point is a big old country field in the middle of nowhere. It is known as lucky point because of the deer hunting.

We researched the location & decided to go check it out. We were the only ones present at the time. We did video tape it and still have the tape. It was pitch black, when we noticed a bright glowing orb. I told my husband to "turn off the light", meaning his flashlight.

I turned off the light on our camera. I video taped the extremely bright  glowing object as it would zoom in on us then zoom back out. It did this several times. It was obviously focusing on us. How close was it? I'm not sure, it like I mentioned was pitch black. My husband guesses about 250 yards above us, but I'm sorry, just not sure.

You can hear my husband on the video saying "it's zooming in on us", at the same time you can see it zoom in on the camera. After about a minute to two of doing this, it shot up to the left and disappeared. IT never made a sound the whole time. What is even more strange, is that seconds after the UFO vanished, either a helicopter or single engine plane came into view.

Were they after the UFO?, that is the way it looks to me on the video. And amazingly, you can hear the plane or helicopter. There is your comparison that the glowing object did not make one sound! People who have seen the tape, friends and family, everyone of them after seeing it, are freaked out. And every time, they ask "weren't you scared?" Our answer, "no" "to much in awe to be scared"

Color/Shape: An extremely bright glowing orb or disk. If I pause the video certain spots, it looks more like a disk.

Height & Speed: Extreme speeds.I had a hard time at moments focusing the video camera because it was so fast. I'm hoping for someone to help analyze the video to get a more comfortable feel of height and speeds. Because it was so dark it is hard to discern that info.

TV/Radio/Press: I am working with MUFON to get them a copy of the tape, but just talked with them on the phone. I haven't sent the tape yet because a family member is making a copy. I am also currently trying to get the press involved because several local papers & news stations have reported on the lucky point area before.

I provided these details to a website before, not yours, and never got a reply, I am setting aside my embarrassment and again typing the details to another website. All I ask is since I took the time to report it, I would appreciate an email saying that someone has actually taken the time to read it. The video, is a jaw dropper, and should be taken seriously. But will anyone take 5 minutes to check it out?

My many thanks to John Hayes.

Audio clip – Telephone interview is Brian Vike speaking to the eyewitness over the unusual event.

To listen to the audio clip

Thank you to UFOINFO:-

Follow Up and Telephone Interview done by Brian Vike (The Vike Factor)

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Houston, British Columbia, Canada.


The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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