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Hovering UFO – Completely Paralyzed And Not Unconscious My Alien Abductions In Milwaukee Wisconsin

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Date: March-December 2007
Time: N/A.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects:
Shape of objects:

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi, Brian, I wrote you a few months back about a possible abduction event that occurred back in February 2004 in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. My wife and I both experienced this event. During the last several months things have become even more strange in that these experiences seem to occur with greater frequency.

  We moved into a new house back in September. One day as we were sitting on our front porch something caught my eye. There appeared to be two white or metallic spheres zig-zagging in the sky above our house. I was so excited that my wife was there to see it that I began yelling to my wife to look while pointing out the spectacle.

This isn't the first time I have seen these spheres. I have seen them quite often particularly when there are a lot of chemtrails in the sky. Strangely I quickly forgot about this event until later that night when I woke up near 3:00 a.m. and felt that same ominous feeling that comes with a great deal of these experiences. I felt that something was again present in the room with us.

The bedroom door was open, I quickly sat up and looked into the hallway, I could see that something was there. Now it is difficult for me to explain this figure other than it had no texture or features other than being completely black in the sense that it was a void. In other words, this thing didn't appear to have any color, but appeared to be a gaping hole in the shape of a being.

I had the distinct impression that I could have put my hand right through this thing and that it would be like putting my hand in to an empty space. It was darker than a shadow. So the only other characteristic it had was it’s shape. It stood perhaps 5 feet tall and seemed rather well-built for it’s height. It's arms were longer than ordinary and seemed to go slightly below the knees.

In a sense, it looked similar in shape to a short stocky human being with a flat-top haircut. It wasn't the common Gray that many people tend to see during these experiences.

I had the impression that this being was rather strong because the shape conveyed a being that seemed almost "military" and "authoritative". Instantaneously I felt a cold sweat cover me and was totally unable to talk. Fear set in. The next thing I remember was waking up in the morning and trying to rationalize my way through the experience.

Basically, I was attempting to look into the hallway and reduce what I had seen to shadows being cast onto the walls. But no matter how hard I tried, there was nothing that could cast that kind of shadow.
Several months earlier I had a very intense encounter that was so real to me that I cannot put it away as a dream. This experience is what moved me to write about our February 2004 encounter, which really opened the floodgates for me in regard to the many recollections of encounters that I have had throughout my life. I didn't want to write about it then because it seemed a little too far fetched, but I was keenly aware that it was real. The event happened over two nights.

On the first night I awoke to hear a humming sound. This humming sound has been with me for a very long time. And every time I hear it, I am almost guaranteed that something will happen.

The humming sound doesn't sound external. It is internal, a humming that I can hear in my head. There have been times where it has been so intense that I've had to ask people if they could hear the humming as well. They never do.

On the first night all I heard was the humming and then fell asleep without incident. The next night I decided to stay up late and watch a movie. My wife had went to bed and my children were sleeping. My son had fallen asleep in the living room. At about 1:00 a.m. I decided to go to bed. In the driveway outside our house I had seen what appeared to be a bright light coming through the window in my son's bedroom.

My first impression was that someone pulled into the driveway and the headlights were facing my son's room. I went into the bedroom and peeked through the blinds only to see what appeared to be a thick beam of bluish-white light shooting directly down onto the driveway. I quickly looked up to see the source of the light and became terrified because it was coming from a large object that hovered stationary above the trees.

It happened so quickly that I couldn't make out a distinct shape. I felt that it was just waiting for me to see it. In complete terror I turned around and tried to run back into the living room where my son was. Before I knew it I was paralyzed and laying on my back in the hallway outside of my son's room. What happened next was one of the more conscious experiences I have had.
I was completely paralyzed, but I was not unconscious. In fact I was so conscious that I distinctly remember saliva rolling down the sides of my cheeks and trying to vocalize but being unable to control my ability to talk or swallow. My entire body felt tingly and light. I could move my eyes somewhat, but it was a laborious process. I kept saying in my head, "this is real!" and as I said this I was deeply concentrating on the moment and attempting to forcefully put everything into my memory.

I saw what appeared to be two blurry masses come into the room from out of nowhere. I say they were a blur because they moved so fast that it was difficult for my eyes to keep up with them. When they would "slow down" I could immediately tell that they were thin, pale, and had large eyes. They were the definition of the so-called "Grays".

I could also tell that they were wearing a very tight fitting jumpsuit of some sort. I remembered asking a question in my head (I don't remember what question I asked) and hearing one of them respond something to the effect, "It will take more honor than that." This response seemed to almost mock me. I was no longer frightened by this point and felt that the answer was not meant to be insulting, but was delivered with an odd sense of humor. I still do not understand why I remember the answer and not the question.
My son who is now three has been telling me of his bad dreams. They include seeing people and hands coming out of the walls. When he was just a few months old, while still living in Hales Corners there would be an owl sitting on the power lines just outside his room.

This really made me uneasy because by that time I was beginning to read the stories. I would stand at his window on several occasions looking right at the thing. It just stood on the lines staring right back. At all hours of the night I could hear the owl making noise outside. Perhaps they are only dreams, but maybe they aren't.

These types of experiences seem to have followed me throughout my life. As a young boy I remember other events of being awakened by my dog in the wee hours of the night only to witness odd events outside my bedroom window. I have remembered the distinct feeling of floating outside the earth and seeing the planet from high in space.

This memory is just as real as any other memory that I have. This memory is so real in fact that even when viewing Google earth I have a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Some of these encounters and experiences have been so odd that they defy any rational explanation and seem to deal with factors that transcend reason altogether.

I've read the abduction stories of others and I have never been given warnings about ecological disaster, global cataclysms or terrorism. However I have the intuitive knowledge that I know things that I am not supposed to be consciously aware of until some later date. Every time I attempt to remember this "buried knowledge" it seems that I am blocked from accessing my own memories. Time will tell I suppose.
Best Regards.

Thank you to the witness for sharing this amazing experience.

Brian Vike (Retired)
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