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Trans Canada Highway UFO Sighting

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Re-posted by Brian.

Date: November 1999.
Time: Between 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Trans-Canada Highway near the border of Saskatchewan and Manitoba (we were in Saskatchewan by then).
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Flat cone dome top, with large middle section. Could not see bottom/base due to fog.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hello, very recently a friend told me that two of his friends experienced a UFO flying closely over them while sitting by a field and that he believes them. After some reassuring, it led me to tell him my own story and ever since, I've been looking for reports and stories by other people that I can relate to.

In 1999, my family moved from Regina, Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) to be closer to relatives. It took us over a year to fully settle in Winnipeg and we would have to take very short trips between the two cities, often throughout that first year to bring back more belongings or deal with some unfinished business and property transfers.

Image Left: Manitoba Highway 1

That summer I had just turned 16 years old and I was particularly observant of the experience of being on any road, even while I wasn't driving. I was not a confident driver and was paranoid of having accidents.

In early November of that year (I think it was before/around remembrance day), my brother and I had a long weekend off from school and we wanted to join our father on his next quick trip back to Regina to do some business. He would only be there overnight and half of the next day, but we wanted to visit our old school friends.

That night on the highway, there was a heavy storm. We left later than planned, and it quickly became dark just after 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. I remember feeling quite nervous because visibility was very poor. We could only see a few meters in front of us and the anxiety made me keep focus on the road - to be a second pair of eyes on our surroundings - while making noise or engaging in light conversations with both my brother and father in the hopes of keeping my fathers mind awake and alert (usually I like to just sleep through the 6-7 hour drive). There was no radio and we did not have tapes to play, nor a CD player to help with that.

After a long drive in the dark rain for a couple of hours, we entered a thick fog. It made the space around us seem a little brighter, but in fact it didn't help our visibility because we could still only see a few meters of the road that was directly in front of us. However, the rain wasn't as heavy.

After 20-30 minutes in the fog, we saw that we were driving towards a section that was lit up. The light was coming from what we thought was the top of a grain elevator. We've made the trip between Regina and Winnipeg many times during our lives and know that grain elevators would be the only thing that would stand as tall. But I also thought, right away, that it was unusual for a farm building to be that close to the highway. I remember pondering the very thought in the situation, comparing past trips and recalling only to have ever seen a backlit highway billboard to have a light shining as close to the road.

We could see that the area ahead was brightly lit - as bright as it would look as if it had been day. I remember feeling some relief, though, and feeling thankful that a farmer was considerate enough to erect a building with a bright light shining on the road for travelers in the dark.

Just before we pierced through the fog to pass by the structure, the rain had completely stopped and we found ourselves in what I assumed to be the middle of the storm. Fog still surrounded us, but the light was bright enough that I could see through parts of it.

My eyes scanned upwards towards the light where it was clearest and I saw that the top was a flat cone shape dome/roof. I thought that maybe I was wrong about the grain elevator because it looked more like a silo. However, just below the light was a second level of the structure that was a larger sort of base continuing to grow out like a wide-based cone.

I could not see any lines, nor see through some patches of the fog to discern what the entire shape of the base was but it's presence was large - it took up as much ground space as a tall building would (that's the best I can describe it). I did not see any other lines, seams, addresses or words on its surface and there was no other colour, but silver. It looked newly built out of metal.

Image Below: Trans Canada Highway 1

I observed all of that within 5-10 seconds only. My eyes quickly moved to the closest light, facing towards the road. There were at least 2 other lights that I could see through the fog.

They were rectangles, not too square, but not long like a fluorescent bulb either. It was so bright that eventually I felt blinded by it and saw only white. At that point, I considered that it was a new kind of agricultural architecture. I even considered that it was a set for a movie, and that some production company was shooting a film and had their brightest lights out.

As the car moved further away, the fog began to cover the light and gradually the rain pounded the road and we were back to driving in a dark storm.

No one in our car had said a word while driving through the middle of the fog. It felt as though we were in a trance for what seemed to be 10-15 minutes back into the storm. Finally my father said out loud, "What was that" and we all agreed that it was a strange sighting. Still, no one mentioned that it could possibly have been a UFO until the next day when my father hesitantly voiced the idea on our drive back.

It was a clear sunny day with an entirely blue sky. All three of us watched the side of the road hoping to find a structure at the same location the night before to confirm that it was just a regular building, but we only saw farm fields and groups of structures in the distance.

It was only when we arrived home that we agreed that we may have seen a UFO up-close, but we've never talked about it with each other any further. Very rarely over the years we've had to ask one another about the incident to confirm that it wasn't our individual imaginations at work that night. But still to this day, we've kept it to ourselves because we don't think anyone else would believe us.

One car passed us in the opposite direction just after we drove through the fog, and there was one car at varying distances before and behind us during most of the drive. I've always wondered if they've reported anything. I feel very hesitant and awkward to talk about it, and to admit what I saw, but I'm writing this now for the record because I'm not sure I will talk about it again. If there are people who saw the same thing that night at least they can know that there are three people who saw it too.

Thank you to the witness for the amazing sighting report.

Brian Vike (Retired)
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.


The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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