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Three Different UFO Sightings At The Goose Bay Labrador AFB

(From Brian Vike’s UFO Files) Posted by Brian.

Note from Brian Vike: I know there are others out there who were stationed at the Goose Bay Labrador AFB and did experience UFOs over the base. If you are one of the folks who had such an experience, I would love to hear from you. To reach me:

Date:  July 1968
Time:  Approx: 9:00 p.m.

I just happened to use the internet to see about UFO sightings in Goose Bay and learned there have been several over time.

I stood less than 40 feet away from a stationary object positioned directly over the roof of a base housing unit, and observed it from all angles for over 5 minutes, until it took off straight up at a high rate of speed when I threw a rock directly at it.

Are you interested in my account? This took place in July, 1968.

Additional Information:

I was living in Goose Bay, Labrador in 1968. My dad was stationed at Goose Bay AFB, and worked on Melville Hill, which was a radar installation perched above the base and a few miles away up a winding road.

Our housing unit was at the far end of the base, near the end of the runway on the American side of the base. If I turned out of the house left and went to the road, it curved to the right and was one long road that led to the base gym, past rows of standard 2 story base housing for enlisted personnel.

In July of 1968, not sure of the exact date, I was coming home from the gym after shooting baskets until closing time, about 9:00 p.m.

I walked down the road and as soon as you cross the street in front of the gym and start walking down the road leading to my house, you are passing residences.

One thing I noticed, was that not one person was outside, and I never saw a car. It was a perfect night, no clouds at all, and the sky was full of stars with no moon. Clear as clear can be.

About halfway down the street was a residence where a friend of mine lived, and I stopped in front of his house and could see a light on in the second story window where he stayed.

I was going to call out his name when I noticed something above the edge of the roof. I stepped back for a better view, and backed all the way to the street.

These houses had flat roofs, and in the back of the yard was a utility pole with a light on it. I could see between this thing on the roof, the light on the utility pole, so I walked from one side to the other keeping the pole light in view to see any kind of structure supporting this object.

The distance between the bottom of the object and the roof was 3 to 5 feet max. As I focused on the size of the object, I could see it was as long as the roof, but I never walked around to the back to see from that side.

There was no definition at the base of the object from one side of the roof to the other, just a distinct separation of a few feet from the top of the roof to the bottom of this object and darkness in between, even though I could see the pole light through that space in between.

Above it was a different story. The object was sloped, or rounded at the top, which was identical to the center point of the roof, I would say about 10 feet higher, and angling down from the top of the object evenly on either side down to the edges of the roof.

There were 3 separate points sloping down from the peak, and they were rounded at the ends, exactly like some starfish you see as you look above them and see their arms extended.

I did not notice the object from above as I first tried to see if anything was supporting it by using the light pole in back and going from edge to edge.

Stepping into the street was when I focused above the roof and what caught my eye was the slick metallic surface, like the wrapper on a stick of Wrigley chewing gum.

No seams, edges, lines, just a totally slick, smooth surface from this peak down to the ends, and which fit perfectly inside the width of the roof.

I looked from the object down one way of the street hoping someone was outside so I could get a witness to what I was seeing, but not comprehending.

I looked back at the object, still as could be, and looked down the street the other way. Nobody. I was walking toward the front door to knock on it and tell them to come out and look when I saw a fist sized rock, perfect for throwing, sitting by the curb.

I picked it up and had the weird sensation that this object knew what I was planning, or that I was being watched. I counted to three and fired that rock square at a point just below the high point of the object.

I followed the rock as it was headed right at it and the object went out of view as I saw the rock whizz by the light pole in back, now seen clearly beyond the roof.

I looked up in time to see a speck of light shoot straight into the stars and fade out. No sound, no nothing, just out of my view while staring at it as that rock raced toward it.

Never saw anything like it before or since, and even though I was 12, I had been around planes enough to know nothing at that time could move that quick from a stationary position with no noise.

One of those moments that are distinctly imprinted in your brain, and all the details that went with it. Still recall it like it was yesterday.


Goose Air Base, Labrador UFO Follows KC-135 Aircraft While Landing

Date: Late September 1967 Time: N/A

Message: In 1967-68 I was stationed at Goose Air Base, Labrador. I worked in Base Headquarters. During the lunch hour, I didn't eat, because I was trying to lost some weight. I sat in the Base Commander's office to answer the phone while he and his Secretary went to lunch. I always read through the "Commander's Read File" while I was there.

Photo Left: Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker - Aircraft.

In late September 1967, a KC-135 was landing, and a UFO was picked up by radar, following the aircraft. It went behind the aircraft as it touched down, then went over the top of the aircraft until it turned off the active runway.

Then, it stopped dead still and went straight up at an estimated speed of 17,000 MPH.

It was seen as a bright light by men in the tower, and was on the radar of the Radar Station on top of a mountain near the base.

I never heard or read any other reports of this incident.

Thank you to the retired serviceman for this very interesting and important information. I am looking into this report.


Huge UFO Sighted 1959 USAF SAC Base Goose Bay Labrador (Scanned In Letter) 

History: Goose Bay, affectionately known as "The Goose", is located in Canada's far north. Labrador is the largest geographical portion of the province of Newfoundland, covering 294,330 square kilometers with a population of just over 30,000. At one time, it was home to SAC's 95th Strategic Wing.

Air Force Combat Wing Histories (official USAF history) states that the 95th Bomb Wing Medium was established June 4, 1952 and activated on June 16. It was re-designated 95th Bomb Wing Heavy on Nov. 8, 1952.

Apparently it was originally slated for B-47s, but was instead assigned B-36s, which it flew from 1953 to 1959. It flew B-52s from 1959 to 1966.

It was discontinued and inactive on June 25, 1966. All of this took place at Biggs AFB, Texas.

It was reactivated as the 95th Strategic Wing on August. 8, 1966 at Goose Bay. At that time, the wing was flying KC-135 tankers. It was inactivated on September 30, 1976.

Huge UFO Sighted On August 1959 USAF SAC Base, Goose Bay, Labrador

A Vike Report Request: If anyone who was working/serving at the base and has any knowledge of this UFO incident or any other UFO events that has taken place on or near the base would you be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at The Vike Factor -

Hello Mr. Vike, This is the report of the 1959 UFO sighting which I told you about. I will give you my name and sighting location first. My name is (witnesses name and mailing address removed). The event happened at the USAF SAC Base (long since abandoned by the Yanks, but still in operation by NATO) at Goose Bay, Labrador.

I have reported it to MUFON a couple years ago, but other than that I have not mentioned it to anyone. I have of course thought of it thousands of times over the years (more than 47 years in fact - a long time).

I have been trying to find a UFO report describing the same type of craft for a long time, however I have been unsuccessful in that regard. Nothing comes close.

Here is the description of the event. Distance is stated in feet and miles. Remember how it use to be ?

August 1959 USAF SAC Base, Goose Bay, Labrador. At the time I was 22 years old and a Newfoundlander working in the Motor Pool on the Base.

The event happened at approximately 0300 hours. I had been called out to drive two (2) visiting USAF pilots to a lake near the Pine Tree Radar Base (approximately 25 - 30 miles from the Air Base) to do some fishing before they returned to their home base.

Photo Right: Pine Tree Line. Northern radar early warning system. Photo credit of

I was driving a jeep and we had just reached the outskirts of the Air Base. From there to the Pine Tree Mountain there was nothing but pure wilderness. Not a light to be seen except the headlights from the jeep and there were tall trees on both sides of the road.

We were driving along when the passenger in the right hand seat said "what the hell is that". I looked out my window and saw something coming over the trees and I immediately stopped the jeep in the middle of the road and all three of us got out.

What we saw was unbelievable. I will not say that it was a certain size, all I can say is that it was "big". I know it blocked out the sky above us.

At that latitude the sky is beginning to lighten up a bit in August, however not really light enough to tell what shape the object was. The trees along the road I would guess to be about 100 feet (a 1959 measurement) and the craft was flying just above the tree tops.

It was fling parallel to the ground and going very slow. It make a slight humming sound, but it did not make any other noise. There were no flashing lights what so ever. What it did have was three large round lit areas running in a straight line.

I would guess that each one was about 25 - 30 feet in diameter. The space between each was the same distance. Actually the size of the lights (I suppose that is what they were) and the distance between was probably greater than I have stated.

I am guessing the distance because of the width of the road which was 45 feet. There were no light rays or spot lights. The lit areas reminded me of looking at a window with a shade pulled down from a distance.

The color was a yellow/white, but leaning more to the white. I can state all this with great clarity because there was only about 150 feet between the craft and the ground.

It moved very slowly and took a good 45 - 60 seconds to cross the width of the road. After it reached the opposite side of the road it disappeared from sight, because of the tall trees.

I immediately turned the jeep around and went back to where the tree line ended which was about a half mile from the nearest runway. The object was still very close to where we were on the road. We watched it proceed at the same altitude for about one half to three quarters of a mile.

This distance took the object in over the outskirts on the Air Base where it took a slight turn upwards over the Base. When it was about at the center of the Base the object took a sharp turn upward at the same lazy speed.

Actually it did not go straight upward, but took a spiraling route of about one mile circumference (probably larger). It seems to be getting a good look at the Base and if there was intelligence on board, it seemed to be daring someone to go and have a look. Actually I never thought of those two items' until much later.

We were too busy wondering what it was. The Control Tower was notified by my two way radio. The people in the tower saw the object, however no one did anything about it, or did not seem to care anything about it.

Goose Bay was not a fighter base, but was more of a long range bomber and aircraft refueling operation. There were lots of A/C, but as far as I know there were no aircraft on alert. Finally the object disappeared from sight. The whole experience lasted about 20 minutes. Project Blue Book was in operation at the time, however I did not know that until years later.

Every Base was suppose to have an officer on strength who was suppose to investigate such matters. I never heard from anybody.

There is an entry in Blue Book about the Goose Bay sighting for August 10, 1959. It was made by an RCAF jet pilot (the RCAF occupied about one third of the base and was separate from the US side) however it was not the same day or the same object. I have been calling the sighting an "object" for a reason which would be 1959 vintage.

If somebody has said to me, did you see a UFO? I would have answered, what is a UFO? I knew that we were seeing something unusual, however not once did it enter my mind that it was something called a "UFO". You probably wondering why this is fresh in my memory after all this time.

After a few years (I had joined the RCAF in 1960) had passed and I realized what had transpired, I took down some details in a notebook. Also, I shall never forget even the smallest detail of what I saw that night. I can still see what I saw that very large craft coming in just above the tree tops. I do not know what I saw that night, but I would guess that it was not man made. It was not an aircraft, (fixed wing or helicopter), it was not a balloon (weather or any other kind). No balloon was ever that big anyway.

If it had been a fixed winged aircraft it would have made alot of noise and would have long ago crashed into the ground. As far as the helicopter is concerned, it could travel slow, however the noise would show it for what it was.

Anyway back in 1959 that type of craft was not near as popular as it is today. As for the balloon, who in their right mind would fly a balloon over a military base at 0300 hours even in 1959 (when security was much, much slacker than it is now). Whatever it was, it certainly did not belong to the Goose Bay Air Base. I had been over almost every foot of road and in all the hangers and had seen nothing ever close to being as large as the craft in question.

I cannot see this being some kind of hoax. Back in 1959 who would have bothered because not much was publicized about UFOs. Who would bother to go to such an isolated area just to have it seen by three people. As it happened, it was just by a very slim chance that it was even seen by me and the other two.

The tower was alerted by me and the only other people awake at that time would be the MPs (maybe) on the main gate and maybe a few other people all of whom would probably be inside working. Even if some people were working on the flight line, etc., would they be looking up got a UFO.

Not likely. I believe that you can dive into Goose Bay via a new road at present, however in 1959 that part of Newfoundland was completely isolated except for air travel and the seaport which is open only during the Spring and Summer months ) due to Fall and Winter freeze up).


P.S. – To tell you the truth I have a small problem with reporting a UFO sighting. It took me a long time to report this one. When a sighting is reported, that seems to be the end of the story.

If I report something I would like to see some kind of feedback in regards to what the UFO might be.

Maybe someone else has seen something similar. I realize that a lot of the time nobody has any idea what the object is. In that case there does not seem to be any use in getting feedback. There are too many people that will report anything that moves.

I have seen many things in the air which could be reported as a UFO, but using common sense and thinking rationally I have seen fit not to give them a second thought.

I am not saying that what I saw those many years ago was anything out of this world. I have had three sightings over the years, none of them were of flashing lights type, or zipping across the sky type. They were just unusual sightings which cannot be explained by any means available at present.

I think there is something going on that the general population is not aware of and could not handle anyway.

It is a proven fact that the human mind is aware of only a very small portion of what is going on around it. Who knows what will happen in the future. You may use the sighting information, however my name and other personal information shall not be used. Thanks for reading this.

Brian Vike (Retired)
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.


The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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