Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two White Lights And Later A Round Pinkish Orange Golden Object Over Massillon Ohio

 Date:  First week of June 2014
Time:  Near dusk.

The first week of June 2014, I went to visit my mother at a nursing home in Massillon Ohio. I take her outside periodically to relax on a patio area to chat. While we were sitting there (still daylight early evening) I noticed at a fair distance 2 small round white lights in the sky to our left at the tree line.

I pointed it out to mom and we watched casually. They were sitting still and not moving at first. Several minutes went by and they slowly started moving to the right remaining within my left side line of vision.

They were small and I shrugged it off (they were too small to know what it could be), as they disappeared behind the tree line. When I left the nursing home later that evening it was dark outside. I walked out to my car and as I backed my car out, (only car left in front lot. Staff park behind the building), I was surprised to look up and see a large very close round pinkish orange golden rich light that looked as if it were very close.

I put the car in park and stepped out of car and stared curiously at this and felt amazed, but oddly not afraid. It looked like a ball of pure rich energy. Hard to describe.

The light did not have rays stretching out from the circular object like a regular light would. Much larger than the small distinguishable white lights I had seen earlier in the evening. It was coming slowly and low in the sky from right to left.

It was dripping what appeared to be sparks/flames from the bottom which I found odder yet. It stopped right in front of me for about 2 minutes or so. No sound whatsoever. If I had to gage the distance it couldn't have been a quarter or a half a mile away from me and very low in the sky.

Haven't seen anything so indescribable in my life. I was in awe. Have wanted to see it at again. I just knew it was a once in a lifetime event. Don't know if anyone else saw it or not.

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