Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Object Falls From The Sky Producing A Blue Glow Over Medicine Hat Alberta

 Date:  July 22, 2014
Time:  Approx: 12:30 a.m.

Hey, I saw the something 20 minuets ago, I was driving to Medicine Hat, Alberta and a object was falling straight down.

It exploded and lit up the sky with a blue glow then disappeared.

Brian Vike.
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. that same nite at 1030 pm I saw a object, not a plane or helicopter . it had blue, red, white, green lights. me and another person saw it from our back yard in the east sky. it stayed in one spot for a couple minutes then moved to the rt stopped and moved to the lt. it went right again then did a vertical circle from a dead stop. it moved down past the houses out of sight. I would call it an orb I guess. nothing I ever saw before that's for sure