Thursday, November 12, 2009

Witnesses Report Humming Sound From Large UFO And Seen Over The Houston Industrial Park Sighting

On Sunday, February 3, 2002 another sighting was reported to me which took place in my home town of Houston, British Columbia. There were two witnesses (husband and wife). While this couple were at their residence, which is above their business the wife heard a loud humming noise coming from outside. She got up to investigate, looking out a couple of windows before she noticed a very bright white object hovering above the Bulkley River just north a few hundred yards from their place of residence.

She called to her husband to come and see it. They both witnessed this large bright white object shooting beams of light down towards the river hovering at tree top level. This sighting lasted approx: 30 seconds from the time it was discovered before it shot up the side of the mountain and disappeared. I was told the speed of this object was incredible to say the least. This couple told me they were going to call the Houston RCMP thinking that the object had crashed into the side of the mountain but did not as the object continued it's course up the mountain and out of sight before they knew what was going on.

Investigators Note:

I have visited the area where this craft was hovering, but have not found any trace evidence of any kind. Mind you we had about 4 inches of snow late the night of this sighting. I have also taken photos of this area for my files.

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