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UFO Reported Low Or On The Ground At Vanderhoof, British Columbia

Date of First Sighting: Around the first of February 2002 ?
Early morning before daybreak (Approx: 5:30 - 6:00 AM)

Viewed Over Sinkut Mountain
Location: Approx: 13 miles east of Vanderhoof towards Prince George, BC

The two witnesses reported that the bright lights looked as if they were on a landing (meaning an area which has been logged and now clear of timber). They reported that these lights flashed on and off repeatedly and moving around in a large area. They both said they watched this for a long time wondering what it was as the light was very bright and they thought it may have possibly been someone logging but it travelled in such a square area and moved very fast. It then disappeared and started the same procedure all over again.

On February 28, 2002 near daybreak they saw the same lights again. I asked for more precise location details and she told me they saw the lights approximately 13 miles east out of Vanderhoof, BC heading towards Prince George on Langston Road. Both times these lights were observed the witnesses thought they were seeing someone logging using one of the big machines as the lights were so bright. The witness told me her husband had made a call to the Forestry Services to enquire if anyone was logging in the area as it looked so strange and thinking there was an reasonable explanation to what they were seeing. The Forestry said there was no one logging at all in that area (on either occasion).

I asked the witness if she could give me some idea how high these lights may have been off the mountain. She said the lights were off Sinkut Mountain, (and there were a few hills between the mountain) at around tree - line and "looked" actually as if the lights were going around a cut block and were not very high in the sky at all she said. She also mentioned it was quite a distance away from them. I then asked what the color of this large, very bright light was. She asked her husband also and told me it was orangey - white in color. She went on to say again how fast these lights were moving in such a large area. They ruled out it being an aircraft due to the lights moving right around this block of land.

They also thought it could not have been a highway truck because of the height of the lights. As she mentioned to me again, these lights would be traveling slow, then speed up and would then disappear all together. Then all of a sudden they would reappear. When it did reappear it was in a different spot in the same area. Both her and her husband found that whatever this was it did not make any logical sense to them both. They said they watched the latest lights for about 20 minutes before they completely vanished but in the earlier sighting around the first of the month they watched it for a much longer time.

She said to me it spooked her husband and this was one reason why they placed a call to the Forestry just to check whether or not people were working in the area, but they were told no ! She did mention that they could see no shape to the lights as it was just too dark and went on again to say how bright the light was. (She said to me that the light was incredibly bright) and added that it was moving way too fast to be an aircraft or any trucks, etc. The witness said to me she thought it looked like it was surveying something as it kept going around this one area.

Both witnesses thought the incidents incredibly strange but had put them out of their mind until they saw the article I had placed in their local newspaper whereas they immediately telephoned to tell me of their experience.

Investigators Note: I just got off the telephone with a member of the Forestry Service in Vanderhoof to ask if there was or has been any logging or road clearing in this area where the sightings took place. He said NO ! He did say there was some bug burning operation but this was taking place down low in the valley and not close to where the lights were observed. I also asked him about the statement the witnesses made about the lights around tree-line. he again told me there would have been no logging or anything else taking place up that high. So again, another mystery.

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