Wednesday, November 11, 2009

UFO Follows Witness And Missing Time At Edgewater, British Columbia

Date: 1970's ?
Time: 11 p.m. approx:

A friend reported to me that she knew of a girlfriend's husband who was on his way to work. It was the graveyard shift and he was heading off along the highway to his place of employment, some 10 -15 minutes away from his home. As he travelled towards his destination, he became aware of a bright light which seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and following him alongside the highway. He was too curious to keep on driving until he'd had a better look at what was going on. Stopping the vehicle he watched for several minutes. But strangely enough, when he finally got to work he discovered that he was over 2 hours late.

(Investigators Note): I would have liked to have contacted this gentleman but he has passed away, but I was indeed grateful that his experience had been passed on to me for inclusion in my files.

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