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Unusual Lights Witnessed Around Prince George, British Columbia

Friday, February 15, 2002 - approx: 11:30 PM
Three very bright lights.

Below is what the witness told me in a telephoned conversation. The person phoned me long distance to give me this sighting report.

Witnesses report: These folks had picked up their local newspaper (The Omineca Express) in Vanderhoof, B.C. and were reading the letter to the editor in which I had sent in, in hopes of bringing forward any other people who may have seen something strange in the night's sky over the last month or two. The husband picked up the paper and read about my request for information which brought up the subject between him and his wife which had forgotten about the lights they had seen on February 15, 2002. After reading this article she picked up the telephone and called me informing me of their sighting just outside of Prince George, B.C.

We were coming back from Vancouver, B.C. heading home to Prince George, B.C. and (deleted) was sleeping in the back seat. We arrived in Prince George at around 11:30 PM on Friday, February 15, 2002.

Just before a long bridge which takes you over top the Fraser River there is a long straight stretch of road which runs by the Industrial Site. The wife looked over to her right and observed three very bright lights, almost like stadium lights up on the hillside. She told me she was driving and very tired due to the long trip home, but was still looking up on the hillside wondering what was there. She also mentioned to me she drives this area a lot and knows what is around the area, etc....

Her thoughts were of a possible tower that she had not noticed before, but then passed a Van which was pulled over to the side of the Highway and people standing around the side of the road. As she watched them and getting closer to the bridge which heads into the city of Prince George, she seen another vehicle stopped with it's door open and a man standing outside watching the sky. She said then she should have pulled over but after driving all day these folks were very tired. (Investigator's note: I can relate to this as I have done the same drive so many times, it is a good 9 hour drive between Prince George and Vancouver, B.C.)

As she passes this fellow who is stopped watching the sky she proceeds to cross the bridge which takes her over the Fraser River and exits right off the bridge which takes you underneath the bridge as you can take another road into Vanderhoof this way instead of taking Highway # 16 west.

She mentioned to me that she would have seen the lights once again after taking this other road heading home, but she said they had "vanished" and seen nothing when she should have seen these lights still at this time.

I explained about the recent sightings to her briefly and she went on to say the light she seen was "really" bright and was not very high in the sky just about where a tower would be. There were three lights. Two of the lights were together and the third light was more distant than the other two. She went on to say there were just to high, and again they looked like they were stadium lights.

I explained a few things to her, and how some people see aircraft lights which have their landing lights on when approaching an airport. She went on to say that these lights were stationary. And now she reflects back on this even she wishes she did stop to watch as there were others standing watching the sky also.
Like she said, it was just really weird.

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