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Strange Craft Observed Flying Above Victoria, British Columbia

Date: November 1, 2002
Time: 3:35 p.m.

I live in Victoria BC, and today at approx 1535 hours I was outside where I heard a brrrrring of a small plane and turned my eyes to see it travelling in a North to South direction at around 4000 to 5000 feet (normal altitude, whatever that is). It was a small Cessna type aircraft with bright yellow sides and a red tail section. Today was a brilliantly clear day so the colors of the plane were plainly visible. Suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of another aircraft flying in the same direction except, to the west of the other, and much closer to me.

This second object was a much larger craft than the Cessna, in fact the nose of it extended much farther forward of the small swept-back wings than the Cessna. It resembled a DC9 in basic shape but the wings were very short. This craft was pure white and did not appear to have windows or markings of any kind on the body of the craft. It may have been the time of day but it's wings were kind of indistinct and shadowy. But the whole strange part of this is that the farther away Cessna was travelling at a much higher rate of speed than this object. This object continued very slowly on it's Southerly course until it was out of sight. I have never seen such a large aircraft fly so slowly. In fact it seemed impossible for a fixed wing aircraft to do that at all. There were no contrails or noise from this object.

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