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Kitwanga, British Columbia Object Observed At Large Swampy Area

Date: Late February, 2002
Time: approx: Between 4:30 & 5:00 a.m.

The witness tells me he saw the bright light on Highway # 37 between 55 and 60 kilometers just north of Kitwanga, British Columbia. He told me at the location of the sighting there is a large swampy area off to the left and through the trees, (the witness stopped to tell me that there was a full moon present that early morning and thought what he was looking at was the reflection of the moon on the water).

The fellow went on to say that there was a very, very bright light in the swamp. His impression of what he saw was a gas station canopy lit up as it was so bright. He mentioned he saw the light 3 times while slowly driving down the highway in the space through the trees. The light would disappear and reappear and he had a good view of it very distinctly the second time. He described the light as an orangey - yellow in color.

I asked if he could hear any sounds coming from the area, but he mentioned he was in a logging truck and I certainly know how noisy this can be. I also asked if he could give me an idea on the size of this light. He went on to say whatever it was, was huge. I also asked if, to his knowledge, were there any power lines or transmission towers located at the area where this was seen. He said as far as he knew there was nothing what so ever in the area. He said the bright light was stationary and did not move an inch. I asked how far the light was positioned in the sky and he said either it was sitting on the ground or just above it.

We talked for a while and he again mentioned what his impression was of this light.

Witness: Whatever it was that was making this light, he seriously thought it was similar to travelling along an empty stretch of highway and coming upon a gas station which has all its lights turned on. A big lit up area like a canopy of a gas station.

After he arrived home he later discussed this with his wife telling her how strange this bright light seemed to be and he told me again it was very bright and glowing and how it freaked him out as there was nothing in the swamp area that he knew of.

I want to take a drive to the area, so he is going to get me the exact location so I will be able to find the spot. He told me the swamp would have been along the Cranberry River (south) before the first crossing of the highway. He mentioned the swamp would be approx: 3 to 5 kilometers south of the highway.

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