Monday, November 30, 2009

Robin Hoods Bay UK A Round Orange Ball Of Light

Date: June 2007
Time: Evening.

Hi, I'm responding to the report of UFO Robin Hoods Bay 2009. We saw a similar craft in the bay 2 years before on our last night of our holiday in June 2007. It was around 10.30pm and my partner and I were having a final look around the bay before we went home the next day. We stood by the sea wall near the dock and saw a light in the distance. It seemed to take off the hill of Ravenscar and it was a round orange ball of light. It went higher into the sky, much higher than a helicopter and was completely silent. It reached a great height then stopped and moved left and right for a bit then vanished into a cloud. We never saw it again. It was most strange and I can't explain what I saw.

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