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Jack Pine, Terrace, B.C. UFO Sighting And Fisheries Technicians Observe Vanderhoof Crop Circles UFO

Date: March 4, 2002
Time: approx: 10:00 p.m.

This witness telephoned me to report what her, and her husband had witnessed after reading an article in the Terrace newspaper about UFO sightings around the north. She tells me that they had a pretty weird sighting in the area of Jack Pine which is a area just 20 minutes outside of Terrace, B.C. She also felt that this was very strange as her in-laws were coming over to their home early the next morning, but her husbands father likes to stop at Tim Horton's for a coffee. When the father arrived at the witnesses home, he told them that he was talking to a fellow in Tim Horton's who had seen a "UFO" the night before and this lady who reported to me had not told the father that they also to had seen a UFO.

She went on to explain that both her and her husband just looked at each other wondering what it could be as they knew what they were watching did not have a rational explanation. Seeing her husband is a professional and works in the scientific field they were both at a loss, and said what else could it be other than a UFO ?

The sighting lasted approx: 20 minutes, and it was a very bright white light with a halo around it. She told me the light moved quite a bit from side to side but always seemed to come back to a center point and stay stationary before continuing to repeat itself. After the approx: 20 minutes time was up it disappeared.

The husband said to her that it could not have been a plane as they don't do things like this. (as above). I asked the witness what direction the light departed to, she said they actually did not see it leave, but said the light just went out. I also asked if she would be able to give some idea of how big this would have been, she said at arms length the light would have been about the size of a pea or maybe a bit smaller.

The light was high up in the sky she said.

(Investigators Note): This is where my ears perked up as she mentioned the crop circles in Vanderhoof, British Columbia and a close friend and biologist (fisheries technician) and her friend, another witness were working on a salmon enhancement project and had seen a large bright object hovering over the area where the crop circles were discover back in September, 2001. (the night before the circles were formed, this information was a total surprise to me). It wasn't until two weeks later when the fisheries technician heard about the crop circles she put two and two together thinking if what they saw had anything to do with the crop circles. I was told the fisheries technician would wake up every four hours to check the salmon traps to see if they had caught any fish. So the technician and her friend had spotted the object at approx: 4:00 a.m. and said it was so very bright and moving so strangely.

My phone number has been passed along to the fisheries technician so she can fill me in with the details of her sighting in Vanderhoof, B.C.

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