Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Shiny Bright UFO Bounces Over The Mountains Near Terrace, British Columbia

Date: February 1 - 5, 2002
Time: Daybreak

A witness called me today to report that he had witnesses a very shiny bright "dot" moving up and down very fast right above the mountain. I asked if he could be more exact to what mountain he was talking about. He told me this took place between Terrace and the Terrace - Kitimat airport. He also said if you looking from the south towards this object there would be a small hill separating himself and the Terrace - Kitimat airport. This is where this bright dot of light was seen bouncing, over top the mountain. He also reported that it would move from one side quickly heading towards Prince Rupert then shoot back into the same position from where it came from. He also reported that it would completely disappear and then reappear again some distance away from where it then vanished.
He also went on to tell that a couple of his relatives had also seen it as well.

My many thanks to this witness for his report.

(Investigators Note): This case is ongoing and will be in contact with the witness at a later date.

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