Thursday, November 12, 2009

Couple Watch UFO Speed Off Between Smithers And Houston

Late 2001 0r 2002 ??? The wife says this year.
Hungry Hill - 10:00 minutes from Houston heading west.
Time: Not known
Month: Not known.

My wife and I were traveling from Smithers to Houston - I think around 2001 or 2002 (she will remember) any ways on the way up Hungry Hill we saw a what appeared to be a very large craft, but with very, very dim lights glowing from underneath. We watched it for a long time as we climbed Hungry Hill, we both agreed it could not be a plane, I remarked to my wife jokingly that the lights on the craft were so dim and he should hit his high-beams. Well just them the lights(can't remember how many) got super, super bright and the craft sped off. There were a lot of cars of the highway that night.

The fellows reply about how they ended up finding me, and what it was I did.

Seen you in the post office and noticed your jacket- did a search on Google with UFO Houston and came up with your web site. Wife says it was this year that we saw the craft. She said it had a flashing light as well as the bright white lights. She thinks red. I say it was last year we saw it - not sure though.

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