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Telkwa, British Columbia UFO Flashes Brilliant Colors While Moving Along

February 7, 2002
Time: Approx: 8:45 PM

A gentleman telephoned me from Telkwa, B.C. to report something rather strange that he and his wife watched while sitting in their hot tub outdoors. The witness said he was looking towards the east and mentioned that he wasn't quite sure what it was he saw. He explained that this thing was changing colors, really, really fast and said it was not a planet or star and wasn't anything like this and the colors were very distinct.

The witness said it almost seemed like it was in the glide path the planes use to land at the Smithers Airport. He first thought it may be a plane. About a half hour later it was still in exactly the same position when he first observed the colored lights. He went on to say an hour later the lights were exactly in the same spot and he totally ruled out this being an aircraft.

The colors were changing from red to green to blue and went on to say the lights just snapped in and out (or off and on). After observing them for over an hour they completely disappeared. In his words: "It was if someone blew out a candle" and the lights were gone.

Investigators Note: When I was listening to this report my first thoughts were that what they were seeing was most likely a star. "But" after these lights stayed stationary for an hour or more I ruled this out. I wish we could have gotten a picture of this. It may not have shown much but would have been interesting anyway.

Thank you to the witness for sending along this report.

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