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Houston, British Columbia Object Observed And Filmed By Resident

Date: March 21, 2002
Time: Approx: 7:00 p.m.
Object: Bright white with orange glow around it.

The witness reported that when he and a friend were looking at new trucks at Sullivan Pontiac dealership in Houston, B.C., which is along the business frontage road just off Highway #16, a very bright white object caught their eye. The object would have been in the field behind the car dealership which would be facing southwest at some distance away from them both. Actually he said the object was hovering above an old barn which is in the field.

When I was talking on the telephone to the witness, he said that in all of the pictures the object looked like a bright white "star". But in one of the photos he said, if you look really close you can barely see an orange glow around the white object. He also said that seeing the object in person was totally different from how the object looks in the pictures.

He mentioned also that it was so far away when he took the picture that it looks like a star in the photo. He added that you could tell it was something really bright because there are also lights from the town in the picture as well. The object when looking at it with the naked eye was as bright, or brighter than the lights around him, meaning town lights.

The guys pulled out their camera using the "flash", and as soon as they started taking the pictures the object rose up from it's stationary position and moved slowly towards the two witnesses. At this point they were freaking out and threw the camera down on the front seat, jumped in the vehicle and took off very quickly. They had turned their heads around to see if the object was still coming in their direction but they told me it had disappeared. The object didn't disappear as if it dropped slowly behind a mountain, but rather just vanished as if you turned off the lights in your home.

Investigators Note: The two fellows dropped into my home to show me the pictures and give me the rest of the story. As mentioned by the witness above, the object was in the distance, but after I looked over the area today where this took place it really wasn't as far as the pictures make it out to be. There is a barn standing out in the field where the object was hovering. From the photos and from what I saw when checking the area out, the object would have been still some distance above the barn. I am going back tomorrow to take some pictures myself, and to look around the area a little more just in case there may be something I might have missed. Also one of the witnesses said he did have a hard time sleeping that night after watching this object, knowing it was something he was not familiar with.

From some of the reports I have received since February 1, 2002 there seems to be a pattern of very frightened people. As a matter of fact I talked to one of the ladies from the February 1, 2002 sighting of the large boomerang shaped craft which went right over the top of the car when they were traveling back from Smithers heading home to Houston, B.C. and she still gets goose bumps just talking about it, and is still very nervous over the whole experience.

Also an important note about the pictures. The fellows took the three pictures using the flash on the camera. Due to this event taking place at night the flash does wash out the image in which the person is trying to capture on film. Also it can be detrimental if the flash exposes things close to the camera and between the camera and the object. Corners of buildings, or tree trunks, light poles etc. will reflect back "flash" light that washes out the target image.

Like many of us, these fellows did their best in trying to catch the object on film, not thinking of what the flash may have done to the outcome of the pictures. To be honest, in a case such as this, with the excitement of seeing something you can not explain I may have done exactly the same thing.

I would like to extend my many thanks to both the witness who reported their sighting to me here at The Vike Report.

I know the object is very hard to see on the film, but it does give an idea of what these fellows had observed.

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