Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fast Moving Bright Light Over Terrace, British Columbia

Date: Wednesday - (either February 27 or March 6, 2002
Time: approx: 8:00 p.m.

In a telephone interview, the witness said he didn't give much thought to what he saw until he seen the write up in the newspaper about people seeing unexplained lights in the sky. The gentleman reported seeing a very bright light moving from west to east from his hot tube in Terrace, B.C. While observing the light he thought to himself this is a different looking. He reported it was moving fast, but not like a falling star and faster than a aircraft but not streaking across the sky.

I asked if it looked like a satellite, meaning a small point of white light. He said it was like looking at one of the brightest stars, both in size and intensity. He also mentioned as it moved closer to the east there was a mist, light cloud cover and this is where he lost track of it. I asked what colors if any were associated to this light, he said it was the color of a star but maybe a bit on the yellow side.

He again told me it moved faster than a aircraft, but slower than a meteor and he had not seen anything like this before.

(Investigators note: The reason why I have such a spread in the date the sighting took place is due to the witness not remembering the exact date, but he said this would have taken place on either February 27 or March 6, 2002 as he knew it was one of the Wednesdays.

My many thanks to this witness for making a report.

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