Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Asteroid Looking Object Breaks Up Over Terrace, British Columbia

Date: November of 2001 (Received this report in March of 2002)
Time: approx: 2:00 a.m.

Greetings, Hi there, we read your writings in the 'News advertiser', dated March 9, 2002.

As we're living on the outskirts of Terrace and I walk my dog late at night, or maybe better to say, in the early, early morning hours. My wife and myself have noticed many a time, strange objects flying over our skies, in the southern parts of the sky towards Kitimat, B.C. We do watch every night for more, and do see things that don't make sense, mostly when watched by the naked eye, we then observe them again inside our home with field-binoculars and observe strange designs of colors and shapes beaming towards mother earth.

In October or early November of 2001, when walking my dogs at around 2:00 a.m. in the morning, I had the biggest scare of my live yet. Now this might sound strange, and if you do not believe me, I apologize for taking your time. But on a walking trip I heard a strange woosing sound coming from the skies and when looking up, it amazed me to see the scare of my life. If you have seen the Hollywood made movie 'asteroid's then you understand what I'm saying. Out of no where this fireball came falling down to earth, it was "BIG" and making an never before heard sound and was red glowing at the bottom side. Yes it looked indeed like a asteroid or something like this.

It came down and then just fell a part like you see with fire works when shot up in the skies. I never found a piece of this on the ground, at least not as far as I ever heard, even my dogs were howling as they were scared like hell. When returning home, I called the local RCMP station and they answered like I was a drunk, although they had received another call like this from New Yeiyens a village about 2 hours driving north of Terrace,B.C. at around 11:00 p.m. That night also, when I told them this looked almost like it was above the town they kinda sounded like, 'yea right', nobody else had seen this object that night. I went on the PC at home and checked all networks I could find, but non had reported a thing. How can something this big get passed our safety lines with all them satellites we have out there ?

Would like to hear from you soon, as my wife is more in sky watching as I am. But even so, we have seen many strange objects throughout the whole year that sure have 'no' airplane light etc..etc..

I thank you for your time reading this and please inform us as to what 'you' have observed in the skies also.

Thank you.

Investigators note: I received another report just like this one from Kitimat which is about 45 minutes away from the above folks.

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