Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wilmer, British Columbia Three Egg Shaped UFOs

Date: 1980's
Time: noon

The witness went out onto the balcony of her home looking east towards the Rocky Mountains. She saw three egg shaped metallic objects in the sky above the mountain line. All were identical in size and shape. She ran inside to get her mother to have her come look as well and her mother said "Oh my God" and ran back indoors to get dad. When dad arrived on the scene all three objects had disappeared.

Thanks again to the witness for her report.

It was noted at the time that many other witnesses in the Windermere area saw similar sightings but on different days. From what I understand it was quite the talk of the town for some time afterwards and I'd like to perhaps take a trip down that way sometime in the hope that I can dig up some more information about these and other sightings.

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