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UFO Follows Snow Mobiles In Houston, B.C. Four Seasons Park

Date: December 1994
Time: 10:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular

Full Description of event/sighting: When I was 14, some friends and I were snow mobiling around 4 seasons park in Houston B.C.. There were five of us and two snowmobiles. We had experienced some strange events in that area before, but this one was the freakiest and the one I remember the most. There were three of us on one snowmobile, and two on the other. The larger of the snowmobiles died on us in the middle of the ball field. The other snowmobile was small and could not carry everyone, so one of us, who was on the broken sled got on the other and got a ride back to the house we were staying at on Jewel Road. The two remaining, (myself and friend) decided that we would leave the sled and start walking. We walked for what we felt was only a couple of steps in the deep snow and then when we looked back the sled was far away, like 100 meters.

We were both really confused at the moment and then we saw our friend coming for us on the snowmobile, after she had dropped off the other two. We immediately began running towards the snowmobile. When we got to it we hopped on and started heading back to the house. We were being followed by what we thought was another sled and we were already freaked out by the walking distance, so we were yelling at our driver to go faster. The "sled" behind us kept right up and changed in color and size very quickly. It started out as a regular white light which resembled the headlight of a snowmobile, but as we went faster, it grew larger and also changed to a deep red color. As soon as we got out of the trees and closer to the houses it just disappeared. We were all quite shaken up and all three of us saw the same thing and could not explain it.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, I will try to answer your questions the best I can. The incident happened on a clear night in December. I know that it was cold. Not sure whether the moon was full or not. The light was south west to us, we were heading north, it was behind us. It was ground level, or just above, because we thought it was another snow mobile at first. It started as a whitish light, like the color of a headlight, it then it turned red and then it disappeared. At first we though that it was another sled, and that it had just turned around, however the trail was not wide enough for it to turn around as quickly as the light changed color. I can't remember any sound, but my friend who was with me said that it was a screeching type sound. I am unsure of texture, it was only a light and as for speed. It kept up with the snowmobile and we were going quite fast, however I am unsure of what the exact speed. Hope this answers your questions.

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